Bleach 331: Nozomi’s Shikai


Everyone is trying their hardest to help Nozomi remember her zanpakto’s Shikai, will she be able to remember it before the reigai gets to the world of the living?




Woohoo something new. It was interesting to finally see something new in this arc. Nozomi has some kind of power and she is not completely defenseless ! It seems that her power consist of stealing the spiritual pressure of the one she fight to eventually unleash it in one blow with her sword. Now I could be wrong with this theory, but this is what I believe I saw. In fact I don’t really care if I’m wrong because I just want this filler arc to be over as quickly as possible, things are getting quite boring as of late.


That party looks so lame

I really doubt that Nozomi really defeated Kenpachi’s Reigai in a single blow, no matter the strength of the attack. After all the real Kenpachi is nearly impossible to defeat to begin with and this one is even more powerful. If anything she might have weaken him a little, but since he is such a berserker, the more he gets beaten up the stronger he gets in a battle. If anything next episode he will become batshit insane and rape everyone, just to be defeated at the end by a lucky blow from someone. After all this is what happens for nearly every fight of any characters that ever happened during the show at any point what so ever.


That guy is awesome no matter how boring the episodes are

I really hope something really cool will happen soon, like Kon is burned down to ash or Ichigo finally lose all his power. But I doubt anything that awesome would happen. Most likely everything will just be plain boring and shitty until this arc finish, then a series of even worse filler will happen, at which point I will most likely contemplate suicide. After all those filler the show will finally continue following the manga and get better. I really want that day to come. At least we got some awesome show this season to keep my mind from exploding from such a bad show.


Fisting made extreme



There is a small grain of entertainment still left when watching this show, I will hope it doesn’t completely fade away just yet. At least for now I can justify it to be because it is a filler arc, hopefully Bleach will get better eventually and I have no misplaced hope towards the show.


ZeroG signing off

2 thoughts on “Bleach 331: Nozomi’s Shikai

  1. yeah man bleach has been disappointing ever since a long time but to be honest by the way the manga is going it doesn’t seem like it will get any better any time soon SPOILER START no no not as long as bleach decided to turn to power rangers SPOILER FINISH

    1. SHHHH!!! HE DOESN’T READ THE MANGA! D8 I’ve been nagging him to do so however since it’ll always be a million times better than the anime ◇▿◇b
      Note: I highlighted the spoilers in white to hide it.
      Though I think it’s actually turning out to be really fascinating with everyone being manipulated by Tsukishima and Ichigo is totally going beserk and is on the verge of losing his ‘humanity’ to the point he never actually wanted to kill his opponent and here he is wanting to kill a LIVING HUMAN. SPOILER END

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