Yusei knocks Kiryu out and manages to escape outside of the mine where when Kiryu wakes up he finds Nico and West coming to their rescue. However Lotten quickly shows up forcing them to split up while Yusei lures Lotten away on his D-Wheel and the other three run and jump into a minecart. Yusei challenges Lotten to a duel and quickly prevents him for defeating him in one turn, in the mean time as Kiryu and the kids make a run for it, they stumble upon a different mine where the siblings find their father and the five of them quickly make a run for it.

Well I figured Yusei would do something like this if he planned to take Kiryu out by force. Of course when Kiryu woke up he was pissed off and seriously wanted to punch him! Hahaha.
West and Nico the siblings give Kiryu a reason to be alive and fight. We also learn that their father is up in the mountains and reunite with him as soon as they discover a whole new mine by accident while trying to find the exit. So now there’s four of them trying to escape trying to escape on a mini cart with four supervisors pursuing them – how fun! 
Yusei’s duel against Lotten was started off with a high risk factor where as Yusei was fortunate enough to have  Effect Veiler in his hand so that he can escape the One-Hit-Kill. Of course then Lotten sets up him where as neither of them can have more than one monster on the field, plus a bullet hanging over Yusei’s head (which he manages to redirect the attack by using his trap at Lotten).
Overall the episode was pretty fun, though it slightly feels like it lacking a bit more action, but for all I care at least Kiryu is kicking ass at the moment rather than continue being a ‘deadman’.
Okay that’s it from me for today, my allergies are killing me and they are giving me a headache.


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