Bloggers' Summer 2011 Schedule v1

Here’s our blogger’s schedule for the Summer.It’s organized on the day or day after the subs are released (or whatever works for the blogger). There will be changes here and there, also as you have noticed we have two new bloggers on the list, Vantange and Silvia! Unfortunately Myst had to resign a season earlier since she got her hands full, she’ll be back at some point when she has time once again. She has her message up in the updates page, so be sure to check it out.
Vantage will be only covering one show this season since he wasn’t quite expecting to be offered the chance to take part for this Summer Season, he will be paricapting more in the Fall, so look forward to that. Silvia on the other-hand has lots of free time on her hands so she’s tackling whatever being left behind –  no matter how cracky and insane the show may be, and take part in sharing series with our regular bloggers – no matter how cracky and insane the show may be!!! 😀 As you can see Oki will be starting Tiger & Bunny this season despite it having debut last season. She plans to post it multiple times a week so be sure to check it out as well as do some Podcasts which she’s very passionate about, so look forward to that too! 😀


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