Jupiter Roget has been discovered and branded as a traitor! gasp
Meanwhile, the Monstre Charmant revolution is still ongoing, Grevil remains a complete asshole and Albert starts up a war just for kicks seems like the world is fine these days.

*nods* Yup.

The next scene involves Victorique, who uncovers Albert’s diabolical plan, and the said evil man decides to bite Victorique’s ear because that’s just how everybody reacts when they’re told their evil plan has been discovered. We then get a glimpse of how much Victorique misses Kujo, while Kujo, back in his country, gets beaten up over and over again for no reason while having no more hair Yes, I had to specify it, because he just looks THAT weird.
Back in Saubure, Victorique is called to an audience where Albert is about to be crowned Prime Minister. Instead, Cordelia takes her place, decides to blow up the plaza, transforms into a ninja and starts fighting Albert like a maniac Since when does she have Chuck Norris powers?. While all this happens, Victorique is about to get killed by Brian Roscoe – Evil half, however she is saved by… You will see in the next episode of Gosick or in the next paragraph.Oh yeah, and to end the episode with even more suspense, Cordellia kills Albert because she’s just that much of a ninja! I swear, she probably has Chuck Norris genes in her.
Episode 24
It turns out Victorique has saved herself! Ducking under carriages FTW. She then finds herself begging for her life, because she has found more important things than pride wait… Are we talking about the same person? O.o . After a fight where Brian Roscoe – Evil half goes insane, he then falls off from a cliff and almost dies aww, why almost?. He then tries to help her out, fails, then Grevil comes along and finally acts like a nice person it’s about time.
And he fixes his hair? IT'S A MIRACLE!!!

In the end, we witness a couple of scenes where it seems like pretty much every character except Victorique and Kujo are on their deathbed,the evil half of Brian Roscoe dies, and we get a nice scene where our main characters both realize why they are living and Victorique suddenly gets a different hair colour?. In the end, we get a little summary of what happens to every character, and after the war, Kujo and Victorique finally meet again and stay together holding hands forever and ever ^.^.
Episode Impression
What is this tomfoolery?! WHY DOES VICTORIQUE HAVE NO MORE PRIDE?!

Hmm, maybe this is just not my thing. Seriously, I find this show to be way too corny for me O_o. Does it happen to just me? Because seriously, I got seriously sick of it in the end. Ohh, the love! Ohh, I live only for you! K, I’m over it. When I started watching this show, I didn’t think it was going to be so hunched up over lovey-dovey feelings. It’s not even fun and cute romance, it just plain gets corny. Then again, like I said, maybe it’s just me.
Taking out the terrible storyline of the overall show, I was happy with these episodes, especially the last one. I liked how people actually died I would’ve liked it to be a little more focused on, though, and I really noticed that the animation quality went up a notch for this last episode.
I was really surprised when Victorique changed her hair colour, and I’d say that it completely confused me O_o. If anyone could clear that up for me, it would be appreciated, because I really don’t understand why or how she suddenly had silver hair (not that it doesn’t look awesome, but still..).

The suspense was great, the ending wrapped up the show pretty well, overall, this episode was great and done the way it should have been. The only reason I didn’t like it as much as I should have, well, it’s because the content just wasn’t there in the show for the ending to be better than what it was :/. But anyways… Let’s bitch about it in the next paragraph, shall we? 🙂

Overall Impression
Considering I have about 6 posts to catch up to afterwards, I’ll just make this short and sweet, especially since I mentioned everything already.
Story/Plot: WAAAAAAAY TOO FREAKING CLICHÉ AND CORNY. In the beginning, I thought this show was going to be of the mystery genre, and I was a little satisfied with that, however in the end it turned out to be a “we’ll love each other forever and ever” Disney kind of crap that’s fun to watch as a movie, but as a series ended up lacking tons of content. The mysteries weren’t so bad, however they definitely could have been better and the fact that they were shoved under the carpet in the end to leave room for the main plot made them feel like they were only fill-ups to make this last longer.

5 / 10

Characters: Not bad! Taking out the middle part where there was a progression of 0.001% in character development, I was actually satisfied with how the main characters were portrayed and how they were developed. The side characters though were a bit confusing sometimes and had their story way too rushed like Grevil’s, for example, or the Roscoe twins whom we never figured out what was the point of having two of them, and I also found myself not liking anyone really except Avril, Victorique and Kujo. The other characters seemed bland.

7.5 / 10

Technicalities: AWESOME! This show was beautiful to see, beautiful to hear, and had absolutely great animation. Everything was so pretty and I absolutely loved the OP and the two EDs. For once, the EDs actually had really nice animation, and I was really happy about it. Thumbs up 🙂

9 / 10

Overall: With this, I give this show a 6.5 / 10. Despite the good quality and the decent characters, I’m sorry, but the plot was such a bad downfall that I can’t give it a higher mark than that.

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  1. sam1456

    i stopped watching this show for some reason i cant remember but am wondering did they end the anime by making up there own ending like they did with d.grayman and air gear which am still bummed about or did they follow it up to the manga all the way?

    1. Myst

      Considering I haven’t read the manga, I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly, but forums say that the anime is a lot better because the manga doesn’t cover the story properly.

  2. TimesTicking

    I found this anime enjoyable 😀
    The one part I was so confused was where Kujo’s bottom body was gone o.o What was that part about???
    I think the first half of the series was well done and second half was half assed. (but somewhat enjoyable)

    1. Myst

      Hmm, I’d put it more as in the first part was great, then the middle part was terrible and it made us enjoy the last part less than the first XD. But that might just be a guess… As for the no legs part, at first I thought Kujo had actually lost his legs, but I think it was more of a symbolism to show that he couldn’t go back to Victorique and felt like he couldn’t move at all. Something like that, anyways…
      I guess I could say I was deceived… I thought the show was going to be much greater than what it showed me :/

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