Sacred Seven episode 2: Gogo Lameranger


Alma needs to defeat another Darkstone that is flying over the Ocean near Japan. Will he be able to summon his power to defeat the monster?



This show sucks so much. I had high hopes for Sunrise, but this episode confirmed my fears, This will become some lame power ranger story of some kind. Gogo gadget go, give me a weapon, gogo gadget go, give me wings.When I saw the flying surfboard appear, I facepalmed and concluded that this show was not for me.


This right here is where I decided to drop this show

I dislike so many things about the show, the back story looks more interesting than the future to begin with. I would want to watch the show if it was all about Alma’s past, but what is happening now and what will eventually happen all seem so lame and overdone. A giant rock in the sky with dragon made out of explosives needs to be destroyed? That’s just bullshit. Hell, that rock was gigantic and those dragon were supposed to be super powerful, but the dragon were not even able to destroy a slow-as-fuck unarmed plane. Not only that, with just a few hit at the beast weak point it instantly died. There was no fighting involved, gravity seemed like a bigger challenge than the darkstone itself.


That looks way more fun to watch than the present

Now another thing I dislike about the show, the romance that seems to be building between Alma and Aiba is really boring and doesn’t seem to bring much in term of enjoyment in the end. She is filthy rich, but her personality seems so boring, she is just a white knight looking for attention and love. At least Alma is a bit corrupted and he is not completely a nice guy.


Last thing that I hate? I hate how he looks like a mix between Inspector Gadget and a Power Ranger in his fighting form. He straight up as a gay looking suit and he needs to say what weapon he wants to use and it seems to suit as it all. That scrolling wheel of every weapon looks so childish it is unbelievable. This show might be awesome for an eight years old, but unfortunately I’m a bit older and I need something more than cool powers and pretty explosions to keep me entertain.

On an artistic level the show looks beautiful and there is no problem there, but everything else is just too lame for me to handle.




This will be my first and last review of the show, Oki decided to drop it too, so this means that Eva will be the one continuing to cover it. I wish her good luck. For my part I will most likely stop watching it altogether.  There are better shows than power ranger one to see this summer.


ZeroG signing off

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    Well I certainly enjoyed the episode because I got a good laugh, and… dramatic pause I didn’t take it seriously whatsoever. Next week looks more fun since the villain is in the picture. Arma had his two episodes to enjoy the ‘easy experience’, next week I’m expecting hoping him to get his ass kicked or something.

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