Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 3: It's Curry Day!

Today is Curry Day, and Ringo is extremely excited and looking forward to sharing it with Tabuki. However, things don’t go according to plan when she shows up at his house and end up being greeted by a woman who invites her to join them eating curry. Horrified at this development, Ringo takes the opportunity to switch her curry’s with the woman’s and flee. She ends up bumping into Himari after the penguin crashes into her causing the curry to fly out of her hands and spill all over her. Himari invites her over and makes her curry and tells her that she is welcomed anytime to drop by.

*Survivial Strategy- REAL LIFE STYLE!!!!!!!
I’m staying up all night to get all the entries done now so that I don’t end up delaying myself during the day when it’s way too hot to concentrate. Besides I don’t have the luxury of a pool THANKS TO THAT F**** GROUNDHOG THAT DESTROYED IT BY MAKING AN UNDERGROUND HIGHWAY or air conditioning or have to go anywhere, so sleeping off the day will be just fine…. Damnit, now this episode is making me hungry, I wanna have curry too but it’s too hot. *Goes to get whatever icecream is left*
Well this was certainly a unique episode. We got a bit of a backstory about Ringo’s relationship/connection with Tabuki and why she loves curry and learn more about the deeper meaning behind it. Turns out they were (so it looks like) childhood friends since he often eaten curry with her family. Since as a child, Ringo had always liked him, and Ringo’s family on the 20th of every month would call it ‘Curry Day’ only this time, they aren’t all together. However despite that Ringo thought it was going to be okay since she was going to eat curry with Tabuki anyways.
Of course her plan of ‘fate’ to have curry with Tabuki completely crumbles when she is greeted at his door by a woman who is cooking curry for him as well. I can’t believe she actually took the woman’s curry and replace it with her own, burning her hands in the process. No matter how I look at it, while I understand that yes, she probably had successfully had him end up eating it, the woman might end up with the credit instead of herself – therefore she’s not getting any points to ‘develop’ their relationship. :\ Moreover checking off the plan on her ‘Fate’ list despite it not actually happening exactly according to plan isn’t what I would call, ‘Destiny’ or ‘Successful’.
I wasn’t expecting Ringo to end up eating Curry with Himari and the boys before Himari had ended up encountering her. Now that she has some sort of connections and has been invited to drop by any time to eat with them or hang out, we’ll probably be seeing more of Ringo besides having her involved in their missions.
I honestly didn’t realize that the boys STILL thought Himari was casting crazy illusions. It only occurred to me when they reacted they way they did for the third time and Shouma actually confronting her about it. It was pretty funny to see the goddess suddenly dressed up as a cow and claimed that she can proove it by simply drinking several bottles of milk – in which Himari can’t or won’t drink.

Like a Boss

Of course that plan backfires because the brothers are pleased and  end up praising Himari for practicing drinking milk on her own. So the goddess uses the last resort by causing the brothers to witness the nightmare (Himari being dead) once again. LOL, talk about effective.
Breaking into the apartment, I have to say that Kanba looks like he’s all too familiar with what he’s doing. I mean he got the tools and everything, the gloves, my god… and Shouma, he remains as the innocent type as always. The penguins were so cute and hilarious this episode. I felt bad for the one who got sick for eating too many plums and the other one who got some ugh… magazine glued to its face!!!
That’ll be it for this week! 😀 Can’t wait for the next episode!

0 thoughts on “Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 3: It's Curry Day!

  1. I love when the goddess makes the appearance every time XD (Gotta find that song)
    I felt so bad for the penguin who had the magazine stuck to his face, he couldn’t even eat the curry. Seems like we’re gonna see Ringo a lot now.

    1. It’ll be on the OST, so wait till then. ;D
      IKR? I was like, “Oh come on, help him out guys!!!”
      Yeah, hurray for more screentime for stalker girl!!! 8D

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