Mayo Chiki Episode 4

Just when Jirou thought he was going to have a glorious day to relax while his sister is away, he ends up finding Konoe at his door and receiving a call from Kanade that she has no place to go since she was kicked out for the time being and had lost her wallet. Jirou lets her stay and Konoe decides to be his butler. However Kureha comes home early and then when Kanade pops up, things get a little crazy… Jirou soon finds himself dealing with a fever.

This was a very cute episode. I felt bad for Jirou because all he wanted was a day to relax, and look where it got him. It was nice to see a little bit more of a serious side to both the relationship developments and seeing Kureha face her biggest fear, her brother being sick to the point he collapses. With the whole health issue at hand, we already know that their father had been hospitalized, but we aren’t told what was the cause of his death. He may have had a weak body, which meant if he got sick he would be at risk, otherwise another cause that just popped out of blue.
We also got a glimspe of how Kureha’s reaction to Jirou fainting left an impact on Konoe, bringing back memories from when she was a child and crying beside her mother who had already passed on. Moreover, she isn’t afraid to cry about it. You’d think her pride as a butler or her character to remain strong, but really – that isn’t the case at all.
While I’m still talking about Konoe, I also wanted to mention that it’s damn obvious that she has feelings for him. I mean seriously, sniffing his towel – LOL, I think that says something, hahahaha. I was also kind of surprised how she wasn’t very  flustered as I thought she’d be when she came in to wash Jirou’s back. I get how she’s putting the butler duty first, but considering how she reacted on other occassions, to me this was considerably unexpected.
Overall good episode. I was surprised to see Kanade end up kissing Jirou at the end, I can’t tell whether she likes him or not – that girl makes it impossible to predict things that she might do. >_>; Then again, considering she seduces/teases Jirou, I really shouldn’t be surprised that she did that…


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  1. Mayo Chiki reinforces every week why its an anime I’m willing to lose sleep over every week waiting for it xD

    1. SUZUTSUKI FTW! +1 My god, that girl makes this show WAY more interesting. She’s so evil I love it! XD I mean look at her! 😀 How could you NOT love her?

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