No.6 episode 4: Nezumi’s Achilles’ heel


Nezumi has to protect Sion from the cruel reality of the real world, but Sion is so clueless is simply keeps getting into trouble.



Just in case no one knew this yet: Nezumi is awesome and I have a man crush on him. That scene at the beginning where he repays the whore by kissing her? That was so awesome that I feared my computer screen would shatter from the shear awesomeness. Nezumi is confidant, arrogant and really handsome. He is everything a real jerk should strive to be. He should really just kill Sion and stay awesome as he already is, but I guess that would bring to story to a stalemate.


Sion is such a clueless kid it is unbelievable, for someone who was part of the elite of No.6, he sure is clueless and slow to understand anything outside his beloved city. Generally speaking people with higher IQ have an easier time adapting to new situation and context, but in his cases, he is so clueless it is hard not to get mad at him.


I now officially hate the kid

The only time Sion ever looked manly or actually did something for that matter was when he got pissed off at that ex-publisher.  And that scene actually made me rage so much, Nezomi and the guy were having a noble interesting verbal fight, but Sion had to come and ruin it all. Words are much more noble and gracious than brute strength. To destroy such a beautiful duel with ugly physical violence is disgusting.


Another sad thing in this episode was the evident lack of Safu, at the very least from the preview  it seems this will be corrected for next week episode. In the end Safu and Nezumi should go out together, they are so awesome they merit to end up in each others hands. Even if I must say that Nezumi would be much less interesting if he was straight. His fabulousness adds to his character in an interesting way. Also if he is gay that mean I could have a threesome with him and Safu in my fantasy!



Beside the characters, I absolutely love the world of No.6, sometimes when I see the contrast between No.6 and the outside world it makes me think of pictures of “4chan vs rest of the internet”. No.6 is this civilized and controlled place, where everything looks so beautiful but in fact the information is so controlled that it is little more than a lie, while the outside world is completely out of control, there is no law and nothing will ever get accomplished because of it, but everyone know the truth, even if the truth doesn’t make them happier, only makes their life more miserable.



To survive outside No.6 you need to forget about moral and ethic, you live by pure strength of character. Sion will have a hard time outside the city, but Nezumi is king in that world. This show is really awesome and even if it turns into super yaoi mode at the end I won’t mind, because Nezumi is sexy.


ZeroG signing off

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