Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 4: A Twist of Fate

Shouma ends up tagging along with Ringo after Tamba sets up a chance for him to go through her stuff while she goes on the birdwatch with Tsubaki. However much to Ringo’s dismay, with fate going against her plans starting off where she gets sprayed by a skunk and she finds herself having to compete and officially challenged by Yuri who declares she can’t defeat her. Taking one last shot in hopes to be kissed by Tsubaki, Ringo tries to muster her courage to jump into the lake only ends up being sprayed by a skunk for the second time and stumbles in – and much to her horror, Tsubaki is completely oblivious by the fact she’s drowning. Shouma on the other hand who was taking the chance to peek into the diary stops what he’s doing and goes in to save her. With a twist of fate, he’s the one who ends up giving her the CPR and saving her from drowning, however he receives no credit from her as she believes after having awaken in Tsubaki’s arms that her plan had worked.


My reaction at the end of the episode

BEFORE I START ABOUT THE EPISODE, WTF JUST HAPPEN AT THE END THERE. WHAT?! JUST WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?! I’M CONFUSED, WHAT IS THIS?! SOMEONE’S MURDERED/TARGETED?! I’m even more confused because Ringo’s book of fate also had that written down making me go, “WTF?!?!”
The woman in the red shoes was one of the ladies (or rather supposed to be the only one) Tamba was meeting that day. It looks like, since Tamba had suggested it otherwise beforehand that she  may have a connection or know about the Penguindrum since we’re told/hinted that they may not be the only ones (and surely can’t be at this rate with what’s going on) hunting down the Penguindrum. The woman speaking on the phone with another woman – but the biggest and the strangest part of all, why is this written in Ringo’s diary? For some reason I don’t think it’s Ringo who’s the culprit for pushing the woman down the stairs, I think it has to do with one of the ladies who was with her earlier or even the one she was talking on the phone with. What’s going on, they pose as a much greater threat than Ringo herself, and perhaps, Ringo could be in quite some danger herself since she’s the one who has diary in the first place. On the extra note, we have yet still to confirm whether that diary is in fact the Penguindrum. We’re given several hints that there’s a high possibility that is is, however I’m mainly concerned that we could be simply being mislead on purpose and delivered a twist when the time comes around to reveal itself.
You know somehow I knew something was going to happen between Shouma and Ringo this episode the minute Kanba immediately set up a chance for his brother to go through her bag when she’s not looking. While Shouma did get his chance, he ended up sacrificing that to go and rescue Ringo who was drowning thanks being sprayed by a strange skunk for the second time and ended up stumbling into the lake unprepared. I have to laugh at the irony that Tsubaki was completely oblivious that she was screaming when she needed someone to save her and yet while she still got that kiss of fate, the only difference, which she is completely unware about is the fact that Shouma was the one who did all that and one way or another actually had that fate happen without her having to give herself delusions thinking that she managed to succeed. In this case, it’s more accidental since it’s a misunderstanding because Tsubaki was the one holding her in his arms when she woke up.
Now to wrap things up, I have to admit I do kind of ship Shouma and Ringo together because they make an interesting couple despite that fact Ringo is just purely insane.


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0 thoughts on “Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 4: A Twist of Fate

  1. WOW that’s all I have to say about the ending.
    I was sad that the goddess didn’t appear but the ending made up for it.
    I wasn’t expecting this anime to have like this serious plot in it. Can’t wait for the next episode!

    1. Really? Well I figured since they are on a mission to keep their sister alive there would be some seriousness involved. Of course I’ve never expected THAT to happen. Damn, gotta love these sudden out of blue twists! 8D

    1. If anyone is going to make an abridged on this, that is exactly what I’d expect them to turn that diary into. >BD

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