Steins; Gate episode 15: Destination 1975


Amane tells her story to the lab member and everyone has a special quest for the next 2 days. Daru needs to fix the time machine, Makisu needs to finish the time leap and Mayushi and Okabe are going to help Amane find her father. Will they accomplish all their goals in those two days?



This show is simply amazingly awesome. Every time I watch another episode I remember how immersive and beautiful the story is. Amane is looking for her father, she has only a badge to identify him. But we were given a lot of subtle clues.

First, her father gave her the time machine.


Second, she seems to have never seen her father.


Third, the time machine is designed just like the phone microwave.


Sup, I might be hitting on my own daughter

So, we know that the time machine is design like Okabe and his team phone microwave, therefore there is a high possibility that Amane’s father is a member of the team. There are only 2 male member on the team, Okabe and Daru. Mayushi said that Daru and Amane looked like they match somehow. Maybe this means that Daru and her have some family link? What if Daru was Amane’s father? After all, when she went to look for her father, she went to a convention where she actually saw Daru. Daru knows Okabe well and would end up in the rebellion, Daru is seen as someone kind by Amane. Now what makes this seems weird? Daru is a fat lazy hacker, Amane is a fit, physically strong rebel. Also, if Amane is Daru’s daughter, that would mean that Daru would have had sex with a real 3D being, this is hard to conceive.


Is he the father? This feels like an american reality tv show

The other possibility is that Okabe is Amane’s father. While I like this better than the first alternative, I feel like the real answer might well be that Daru is in fact Amane’s father. Okabe seems like an important figure in the future and in that future he never meets with Makisu. With Makisu and Mayushi dead, who would Okabe falls for? especially in a world of suffering and totalitarianism.



But maybe we will receive more clue in the next episode, after all Mad Scientist Cool Guy got a call from the button dealer, maybe something interesting would come from it. I sure wonder what will happen next, will Daru complete the time machine in time and send Amane back to the past? or will something completely different happen and change everything? It just feels like there are always so many things that could change in this show, after all for the past 3 episodes we keep on seeing the same day over and over, but I am nowhere near bored of seeing that day, so many things changes each time.




Everything about this show is awesome, This anime never fails to mesmerize me. Usually 26 episodes shows get boring and things start to slow down after the 13th episode, but in the case of Steins; Gate, things just keep on being more and more awesome each episode. I don’t want to see the 26th episode of the show, both because it will be absolutely awesome I am sure and because it will mean this marvelous show will be over.


ZeroG signing off

4 thoughts on “Steins; Gate episode 15: Destination 1975

  1. “Hey mister! I am mad scientist, so cooool~ …Sonuvabitch.” xDDD

    Glad to see Steins Gate hasn’t lost all its humour among the darker premise now ^^

    1. I also love when Makisu reveals that her user name on 2chan was Chestnut Rice and Kamehameha. That girl is such an anon. And then the simulataneous reply of both Makisu and Amena and Okabe says he was using the name Hououin Kyouma.

  2. I thought he was gonna get punched the moment he said Sonuvabitch XD
    awesome show overall ^^

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