Yusei finds himself in a terrible pinch after being cornered by the Guard Robot who continues to counter his attacks. The pressure only grows after Placido activates a self-destruct timer for the factory after having released the GHOST mob and seeing Yusei hasn’t made much progession on top of the fact his friends also shown up trying to find him. Jack and Crow find Bruno and head up to the control room where they see Yusei dueling and realizing they are running out of time. Yusei insists they go ahead where as Jack and Crow obeys while Bruno protests only to get punched by Jack and finally understands why they are listening to him. In the mean time Yeager is freaking out, Yusei manages to come up with a strategy after running into more failures and manages to defeat the Guard Robot where as he and Yeager barely escape alive. Yeager drops Yusei off and warns him to not get involved anymore than he already is.

Woo! This was a pretty awesome episode, I absolutely loved seeing Yusei trying to keep cool and analyze the situation and come up with a way to turn the duel around. Moreover the pressure was on when Placido had set off the factory’s self-destruct timer. We also learn that the Yliaster’s heads don’t exactly get along, as Placidio likes to go his own pace and follow his own plan-which would involve getting rid of Yusei and the gang as well while the other two are trying to complete a circuit by using the Signers. On top of that, Placidio has a magical blade that appears to cut through dimensions or whatever – it kind of reminded me of a Garganta from Bleach, hahahaha. What a convenient way to escape!
And poor Bruno, this is his third episode in a row being punched twice by Jack and once by Placido. It makes you wonder why he doesn’t have a bruise yet, HAHAHA!
So now the GHOST mob is activated and on the loose, the Securities are going to have their hands full for quite a while now unless they can magically zap them and destroy them within a heartbeat. What they plan to do? I have no idea, obviously GHOST is very dangerous, they exist to block Synchro Monsters and pretty much have their victim wound up in the hospital for god knows how long. Actually now that I think of it, Ushio was hospitalized like seventeen episodes ago. I can’t believe I actually forgot about that!!!
As for Yusei’s duel, that Guard Robot was one hell of a bitch. I liked that Yusei did an Advanced Summon, I’m trying to remember when was the last time we ever seen him do that since it’s mainly ‘tuning’ for Synchro monsters. IT was no surprise that the Lock Deck was made up of mainly trap cards considering that’s what put Yusei in a pinch in the first place where as he and Yeager barely make it out alive.
As for Yeager, that moron STILL won’t tell Yusei anything after Placido tried killing him along with Yusei. He warned Yusei not to get involved but like hell Yusei would stand aside watching the city he vowed to protect run into chaos and destruction because a bunch of bastards from Yliaster and on in particular enjoys creating trouble.


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