Kiryu finds himself dueling against Yusei who declares he will save him and bring him back home. Kiryu however on the other hand does not want to be saved, and reveals his reasons why he no longer has the heart and soul for living and dueling.

Once again the episode flew by with the first half being very uneventful, once again it’s the second half of the episode that really pushed the paced. However this episode, while they dueled it was mainly giving us the explanation why Kiryu is so ‘dead inside’, and his reasons for not being concerned about the outcome of the duels. It turns out that he happened to remember his ‘crimes’ as a Dark Signer, and was absolutely horrified how he betrayed and hurt his friends, especially Yusei since he was the one he dueled against. Because of his he doesn’t understand why he’s alive, nor find he has the right to after all the terrible things he had done, which is the reason why he has no heart and soul as he is now – even while he duels, which he also describes to be living Hell since it won’t let him go. He also reveals that he’s been waiting for a person to kill (aka defeat) him, and Yusei is his perfect candidate for that since he would be feel more satisfied losing against his friend who was a victim of his crimes.
That aside Kiryu has shown he has a sense of realism within him. He told a kid who really sees him as his inspiration to become a strong duelist to save his father from the mountains, that he and his sister should leave and find a place that isn’t being controlled and run by duels alone. Kiryu knows better than the kid that there is a far greater world beyond is isolated town where they can have freedom.
I’m keeping things short since my wrist still hurts very much. I’ve injured it yesterday and it’s been in pain since, it’s a bit better today but I’m not going to push it.


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