Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 14: Spared by an Alarm

 Astral and Yuuma struggle to lay an attack on Kaito only fails to do so throughout the duel as he continuously counters them. Just when he was about to deliver the final blow which would’ve killed both of them (losing their souls), Kaito is alerted by an alarm that his brother Haruto has collapsed and immediately calls off the duel rather than following through with what would’ve been his victorious attack.

I knew that the only way Yuuma was going to get out alive and unharmed was if something interfered with the duel – and sure enough that happened the second Kaito was about to deliver his final blow when suddenly he’s alerted that his beloved brother Haruto has collapsed.
Kaito throughout this duel as proven to be an extremely powerful opponent who was able to predict and overcome Astral’s suggestions and way of dueling. Astral and Yuuma for the first time has suffered a life threatening loss despite the duel being called off. For certain this has shaken both of them, however Yuuma has quickly gotten his reality check that his current skills aren’t even close to earning the title as the ‘World’s Champion’ duelist. Next week we’re told in the preview that his grandma sent them out on a ‘mission’ to see some old guy who is actually going to teach them him and his friends how to duel. With that said I think Shark will also play a crucial role in training Yuuma considering he was once a champion and he’s better off dueling someone who had that title to polish up his skills and learn from his mistakes no matter how many times he loses while being assured he isn’t going to lose his soul as result.
Now as we learned that the villains – whatever their group is called (we haven’t gotten their group name yet- how about I call them Heartland Villains for now?) are organizing an event known as the World Duel Carnival so that they can attract/gather strong duelist with the chance of a number card in their possession. By entering Kaito into the tournament, they would be able to gather them all as long as he wins. Clearly this will be a chance for both Yuuma and Shark to compete.
And finally, I have to say that Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon’s effect reminds me ALOT (or rather it’s pretty much the same thing) as Stardust Dragon’s Victim Sanctuary from YGO 5Ds. On top of that, GEPD has another troublesome effect where as when monster removed from play, it can absorb both its own and its opponent’s overlay units and increases its ATK by 500 for each unit. It’s also rather interesting to see Kaito, as a Number Hunter to have GEPD as his ace despite it being NOT A NUMBER monster. However we’ve yet to see if that’s really his ace or not. Without a doubt this guy probably has more hidden tactics up his sleeves.
Next week, we’re getting a glimpse of old school original and famous duel monsters again with Blue Eyes White Dragon, Black Magician and Black Magician girl. LEts see how this training is going to turn out.


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