While Yusei continues the duel against Lotten, Kiryu finds himself entrusted the responsibility to take care of Nico and West after their father sacrifices himself to adjust the lever to prevent all four of them from falling off the dead end rail rather than being redirected into another tunnel. Having took that risk and being stunned by the collars, the father successfully manages to save his children and Kiryu with the price of being unable to cling on any longer to the edge, and fall to his death.
Having witnessed the death of the children father and entrusted the responsibilities, Kiryu fights back in rage and decides that he will fight and live to protect the children. He then attempts to interfere the duel between Yusei and Lotten temporally until Lotten’s D-Wheel’s adjustments quirks allowed him to drive over them and put himself in front setting off the trap he was going to use to counter Yusei and send a dynimate flying at them at the same time – as result sending them flying out of the mines to their deaths.
Lotten ends up capturing both unconscious children while Yusei and Kiryu had both fallen into a deep pit and find themselves seeing the graveyard again. Kiryu blames himself for being unable to protect, but after seeing a dueldisk still working, he takes it and declares he will become the Death God and save both the town and the children.


Well smokes, if this was the episode both Kiryu and Yusei were to die, this would be it. Litterally the two were falling to their deaths, smacking the edge of a cliff would’ve broken their back making them totally paralyzed unable to move even if they did survive – and yet here they are standing as if none of that happened at all…
And then beforehand you see the kid’s father whom they had just rescued and reunited with, fall to his own death in order to get them past! Talk about prioritizing characters’ lives. It still doesn’t change the fact that it makes it somewhat awkward because these characters had the same situation and only the dad died. But that’s just me.
Kiryu has been entrusted to take care of the children and protect him. Having failed to do so, he is now beyond pissed off, and ready to kick ass (WOO!). Kiryu is now going to take up the role as the rumored duelist considered as a ‘Death God’ to live up to its name as in, ‘You can’t die if you’re already dead‘ sort of thing.
Seeing Lotten take over his brother’s position after Barbara has obtained the rights of the town and giving it to Lotten isn’t much of a surprise. The woman is a power hungry bitch who wants to be with powerful men and will end up ditching the one who loses his power and onto the one who has it, and the man is an ass who used a dynamite in attempt to burry/kill Yusei, Kiryu and the kids.
Overall, good episode. It wasn’t emotionally touching but it was certainly awesome, especially the fact since Kiryu  has found his will and determination, and most importantly: HIS SOUL, so that he can now fight to live with all he got.


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