Kiryu and Yusei returns to Crash… err, Lotten Town to and challenge Lotten to a duel. With Yusei and Kiryu working together as a tag team, Lotten gain the handicap advantage of starting with ten cards in his hand. With that said, Kiryu is the first target to the 1 Hit Kill, however much to Lotten’s horror – despite Kiryu having lost all his life points, he is still in the game thanks to Infernity Zero’s effect and will only be defeated after gaining three death counters that can only be done by taking 500 or more damage.

Kiryu acting as the Death God is totally badass. The way he entered town, the way he can’t stop laughing, and I love the fact he’s not afraid of dying because  ‘death gods are already dead’ and is taunting Lotten into attacking him only – which is working damn well right now. Best of all he makes you grin like an idiot because he’s acting so cool.
I definitely love his new strategy – well it’s not too different from the one before since it’s also a handless combo, but of course the fact he’s already at 0 life points and now relies on Death Counters. I’m already a fan of Infernity Death Gunman which by all means is creepy and badass, a great way to both freak out and frustrate Lotten into making or regretting his discussion on the gamble based on IDG’s effect.
Yusei on the other hand is literally the third-wheel player of the duel. His role isn’t much of attacking, but defending Kiryu to spare him the death counters.
Lotten is definitely afraid of Kiryu. His anxiety about what Kiryu’s going to do, and the fact he can’t kill him right off the bat because the guy is already dead makes him lose his confidence and completely distracted to get rid of him first – as I pointed out, Yusei wasn’t getting attention except for the losing Effect Veiler who would’ve been troublesome for Lotten to deal with.
Overall great episode. There’s not much to say, just really sit back and enjoy the show! 😀


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