Dantalian No Shoka episode 2: Creepy Song


A strange curse troubles  a young women who asked for Huey’s help. Everyone around her are murdered and disappears. Is this the work of a phantom book?



After watching a second episode, it is clear that this show is unique and will not be interesting for just anyone. It makes me think slightly of an art film. I feel that everything is more beautiful than merely enjoyable. The “fun” and entertainment comes from the majestically well executed beauty of the show. From the rich stories and cultural influence in the story or the many different art style used throughout the show, this anime feels more like some museum art than a tv show.


Now for the show itself, Dalian, while well-educated and looking like a noble and upright women, she acts more like a writer. She has a great imagination and wish for the emotion to be expressed in their deepest and wildest ways. Violence, Love and Sex. Those are the primal subject for imagination. She has such a fascinating view on life, I want to see how perverted she can become and how evil she really is. But I fear that the real emotion she loves the most isn’t sex or violence, but Love.

Also, Who in their right mind put a big clock tower that plays creepy tunes 24 times a day. What the fuck with the extremely creepy music playing at midnight, Of course people go insane and becomes murderer when you are woken up every hours during the night by psychotic music.



It is difficult for me to judge this anime. It has so many things I usually love, but I think it might be too intelligent for me. I fear I don’t have enough culture in literature and there I cannot understand the deeper reference of the books mentioned. For example during this episode we were reference with Golems, the protective shield of the Styx and the divine wrath of Canaan. I do know Golem a lot from fantasy games and books, I have some experience with the 7 rivers of hell and the greek mythology in general. But Canaan I had no clue who or what it was. I had to read up on it to learn that he was from the christian mythology.


She looks beautiful as always

I will still try to cover this show as best I can, but I apologize to all the expert in literature among who you would find my lack of knowledge disturbing. At the very least this show helps me learn a lot more about different stories that I never heard of before.


P-S I absolutely love the ending. The music and the visuals are uncanny and creepy, I love everything that is able to disturb me.




This magnificent piece of art is well worth watching if you have the time for all those information and the deeper meaning in the show. This is a seinen and nothing close to a kid’s show. The subject will become more and more difficult…I hope. At the very least I will enjoy the beauty of the show, it feels like watching a moving painting.


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  1. Canaan’s what the land of Israel was called before it was all united into one country. It’s really only mentioned in the later parts of Genesis.

    1. Thanks a lot for the information, this is exactly the kind of information I had never heard of before and It is interesting to learn.

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