Kiryu and Yusei proceed with their duel against Lotten where as Yusei finally manages to deliver a 2,300 blow to Lotten’s life points. However Lotten continues to fend them off and prevent his monster from being destroyed and targets Kiryu as his priority to defeat. Then Barbara decides to interrupt the duel claiming it’s unnecessary because Lotten was going to win anyways and this is his town, his rules. Kiryu and Yusei find themselves surrounded and pressured to surrender along holding the two children hostage, when Crow and Jack show up to back them up along with the security from Neo Domino. Lotten escapes by setting off bombs that were set up in buildings and Kiryu pursuits him and demand him to finish the duel properly. The two resume and Kiryu quickly defeats him after using Infernity Death Gunman as Lotten had told him to draw, whereas Kiryu drew Infernity Climber  which allowed him to place this card from his graveyard to the top of his deck when his hand is at zero. Having won the duel, Kiryu claims he’s now satisfied and decides to stay in town to take care of West and Nico.

Woot! What a great way to wrap up the Crash Town mini arc! 😀 Kiryu was a total bishie this episode, Yusei made sure he wasn’t forgotten, and a brief reunion with the Team Satificaition members.
I loved the fact that Lotten was a ‘realists’ who knew he didn’t have to bow down to the almighty duels to find out his fate until Kiryu requested him to finish the duel after he had caught him. Kiryu on the other hand was epic – that dude knows how to jump from D-Wheels! He was so damn fine this episode, I loved the fact he’s now satisfied, renamed the place as Satification Town (such a positive message) and the fact he got to have his little victorious moment without Yusei being at the scene.
I think the best part was seeing Jack shove Barbara aside. I mean come on the woman was a bitch and was holding the kids hostage! 😀 So kudos to you Jack! But oh my god- the animation for that scene was like, LOL hideous, you couldn’t even like… it was so different from the usual!
I’ll be honest, I think it would’ve been pretty cool to see Team Satisfaction back together again. Heck entering the WRGP if it were to allow four riders instead of three. 8D Of course now that Kiryu is a father – what? He technically is now that he had been told to take care of the kids, unless you want me to say ‘Guardian’ but saying he’s a dad is more fun! :’D
Overall this little arc was very enjoyable to watch. I loved the fact we were able to see more of Kiryu and that he isn’t a forgotten character and we had a little change in the setting and more ground duels. 😀 Best of all the western setting gave us a brief breather from the city. I liked the fact we got something totally unexpected and different along with a little taste of what Western Dueling would be like! 😀
Next episode we’re going to be back in Neo Domino and see Sherry – now what the hell is she up to now?


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