Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Ep 6: Relatively Calm


Haruka makes a multiple set lunch for Taito, however he fails to eat it once more as Himea asks him to go on a date with her. He refuses though, feeling too weak to protect Himea with the powers he has. Gekkou and Mirai also go on a “date”, sorting out a magic trap set up around the city at the same time. Elsewhere, a new freak English teacher shows up at the school.


Now, to the fans that watch this anime for the fantasy and action, this might be dubbed as an episode where “nothing much happens”. However, despite it being relatively calm, I found myself liking the episode, one of the reasons being how I could sit through the episode and not pull my WTF face throughout.

It’s kind of a calm before the storm really, as I’m sure things will escalate up again next week, with this episode being the springboard to that. The love issue between Haruka and Himea fighting over Taito made a reappearance this week, and even though Haruka cooked Taito a three-set lunch, Taito once again failed to eat more than a bite. Well, I’m sorry Haruka, you’re just not good enough for him I guess. Maybe its this unrequited love issue that’s allowing Haruka to be taken over by some agent of the Seraphim, leading Hinata to try to persuade her possessed form to rebel. The two shadowy figures on the roof weren’t explained on at all either.

The circus manager-like monocle wearing guy that randomly appeared in the school is almost definitely related to the supernatural, with him so coincidentally being the student council advisor, as well as having a dodgy name that I can’t be asked to remember. Not sure what side he’s on at the moment, I’ll take a stab that he’s evil just cause he’s wearing a monocle, how professional of me. Since the next episode title has his profession in it, more about him will be revealed soon enough xD

The hilarity of the episode came from Gekkou and his utter fails when going on his date with Mirai-chan, taking a massive 38 tries and a lot of money to win a stuffed toy for Mirai, though he was aiming for the seal on that particular toy. Wow, those seals look familiar. Its a pity his singing was cut out when they were at the karaoke bar, that would have been fun to hear ^^ I wouldn’t entirely rule out the possibility of the monocle guy being the one responsible behind the magic trap, we’ll have to wait and see.

Overall it was a nice episode, the only other thing I want to comment on is the mini-date that Taito and Himea ended up going on at the end and after finding out Himea has a table fetish. That scene with the ED playing in the background was just so peaceful, which was something I never expected out of an anime in this genre, as well as from watching previous episodes. Hopefully next week will be just as positive.

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