Kamisama no Memo-Chou episode 6: Caught in the Middle


Narumi discovers the common past of Renji and Fourth



Looks like the story is moving forward, there is something big coming, no matter what happens next, trouble is bound to happen.


In this shot, he looks like a good guy

My guess was right, Renji is the other founder of the gang and that he came back. But now, it seems he came back for revenge. The reason why Renji and Fourth are no longer together is still unknown, we know that he broke a promise, but what was it? what did it implied? we have no idea. I believe that most likely someone got hurt and or killed because Renji was reckless and couldn’t protect her. But what I know is that we will probably learn more about the reason next episode. Narumi is in a dangerous position, he is the mediator between two mortal enemies. For such a wimp, he always end up in the middle of trouble. He can’t defend himself and needs to rely on other people for protection. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, if you are in the middle of a fist fight, you better have muscle too or your brain won’t help much.


It's dangerous out there, take this!

Now Alice is really fond of Narumi, but she is so childish that she can’t communicate her feeling properly. Not only she is childish but she is quite arrogant too and it is really difficult for her to admit having any kind of emotions. She is always worried when Narumi gets in trouble and Narumi always end up in trouble, so Alice is constantly worried. We were even able to witness her get angry when she realize she couldn’t protect Narumi with her words and logic. It must be really infuriating for her.


Fourth looks more violent than Renji

Renji seems like a much more complex character than what we were previously led to believe. During the episode, when he was talking with Narumi, he looked like an impulsive, honest and friendly guy. But it turned out that he was causing trouble everywhere in the city, he even sent some men to rough Narumi up. While he has the face of a funny guy when you are next to him, he won’t hesitate to backstab you in your sleep if you are not careful.


I like where the story is going, if at the beginning Narumi felt like a poor choice of a main character since he had no purpose, now he has one, he is right in the middle of every conflict that occurs and he is able to handle them his own, stupid, way. Things are slowly looking good for the show, it had a slow start, but now I feel that it is ready to kicks off.




Next episode we’ll find out how Narumi will survive his “talk” with Renji. Hopefully there will be some pieces left of him that will be usable for future episodes. If there is anything left of him that is.


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