Kamisama Dolls episode 9: Rivalities


Kuuko’s father is quite close from learning the truth about the dolls and things gets a little more dangerous for every one at the village.




The episode was slower than I had hoped. While a lot happened for secondary character like the detective and his daughter, things were a little more stagnant for Aki and Kyohei. If anything the one thing that happened was that now the whole village seems to be going to the city, if this continues at this rate the village will be deserted in no time.

Utao and Kirio had a chance to met and promise to stop their meaningless fight in the city, but at the same time there is a new Seki that just arrived and she seems to be competition for Hibino. I’m not sure If I like it that there is yet another character introduced so late in the season, we are at episode 9 after all, the story should slowly be going to a close, not introduce even more characters. But then again maybe the introduction of this new character is essential for the story to progress in a good way. Only future episode will tell.

In other news, it seems that Utao is one of the only Seki to have been able to use a Kakashi left hand in a while. Only her older brother was able to use it, it seems. Now they haven’t talked a lot about Kyohei, but it seems he was one of the best seki in centuries. But then Kuuko did not seems convinced that he was such a big shot even with all the skills he showed. I really want to learn what happened with Kyohei, there is something really important that the story has not yet revealed, I want to know what ! If he was able to use a hidden power for the first time in centuries and still was not seen as “the chosen one” when he left his job, there must be something really dark and wrong with him.

Now to Kuuko and her father. They are both really interested in everything that is going on and they both have good leads to find out exactly what is going on. Now while the daughter is not a serious threat to the integrity of the village secrets, the father might be seen as a more dangerous threat. He could tell their stories to the authorities and to have the secret of the kakashi reveal might not be the best idea. It seems that just everyone in the show is against someone else, but in the end are they not all from the same big family?


Last but not least, will Kyohei finally one day get the guts to tell Hibino that he loves her? tell her how he loves the way she is always kind and clueless and how huge her boobs are. His friend was partly in the right, after so much time with her he is still so far away from his original goals. The moon had align to give him a chance and he was unable to use it. It might be time that he grows some ball and that he stops running away from everything.




A so-so episode compared to what I have come to expect from Kamisama Dolls, but still a better episode than most of the other crap that usually airs. Hopefully things will start moving forward to the final rush starting next week.


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