Mayo Chiki Ep 5: Temporary Relationship

Jirou finds himself pulled into a situation with a girl named Usami who first off almost road-killed him, and then confronts him to become her boyfriend for the time being for the up coming school fair. On top of that, she threatens him that if he doesn’t do that, she will reveal a picture that was taken during his date with Konoe (episode 2) to the entire school. Jirou finds himself agreeing so that he can protect Konoe’s secret, even if it meant breaking his promise with her that he had made earlier of going to the school fair with her.

Oh dear god, now we hear there’s another~ Subaru Fan Club, this one is called the S4: Shooting-Star-Subaru-sama!!!
I felt so bad for Konoe, she really thought Jirou was talking about their first kiss that happened back in Episode 3 while he’s talking about his and Kanade’s from the end of the previous episode! I feel even worse now that Konoe is upset to see that not only Jirou has a ‘girlfriend’ but also he wouldn’t be going around the fair with her like he had promised earlier on.
As for Jirou, he’s doing this so that he can protect Konoe because Usami has evidence (a picture) of Konoe dressed as a girl while they were on their date in episode 2. He knows this hurts Konoe, but he’s making a big sacrifice and hopefully he’ll be able to explain it to her later on. As for the evidence, Usami jumped to conclusions that it’s Jirou forcing Konoe to cross dress as a girl. It’s only a matter of time before someone with brains adds the option that Konoe could possibility be a girl, but cross dressing as a guy.
Usami is a very cute character. She easily misunderstands and tends to be oblivious of what’s going on (ex: failing to realize that Jirou survived the hit), as well has a powerful kick. (Is it just me? Most girls in this show are very strong to the point they could kill someone! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it, I’m loving it! 8D) I’m also under the impression is also alone at home often, and it’s really no surprise that she’s really starting to grow attached to Jirou since this is her first time hanging out with someone (since she doesn’t have any friends). On the extra note, it sucks to be them when Jirou accidently stumbled into the changing room and saw her naked.
Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. I got a lot of good laughs. 😀 Looking forward to seeing what would become of the fair!


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0 thoughts on “Mayo Chiki Ep 5: Temporary Relationship

  1. I think the artists did a real good work with Kanade – she looks a little mad whenever the whites of her eyes are completely shown around her irises. Actually, she looks completely insane and evil either way with those red eyes. Which is also why she rocks. She’s also the only one to have not unwillingly shown more than twenty percent of her bare skin to Jirou so far, which makes her somewhat special…
    …Usami seems a little too unoriginal in the way she meddles, or maybe it’s just my imagination. Either way, I didn’t really enjoy her debut in this episode…

    1. Nah you’re right. I too find Usami is pretty bland and un-original. It might also have to do with the fact she also have uber kicks to beat the shit out of people. XD LMAO.

      1. Don’t they all…sigh… *reads through history of female anime characters*

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