No.6 episode 5: Safu x Nezumi


Sion witness Nezumi’s job for the first time and meanwhile in No.5, Safu visit a museum.



SAFU MAH WAIFU! hell yes, we had the chance to see Safu again and she is just as wonderful as she used to be. Still the same mind and intelligence, hell she even made some friends in No.5.  Why must she be so far away from Sion ! Hell, fuck Sion, I want Safu to fuck Nezumi, Sion can stay a pussy Albino boy.  Why all the best girl are in Yaoi shows ! WHY!


Safu made some friends! I'm proud of you girl !

On a more serious note, this week the episode had something weird in it. This mysterious wind that for some reason united Safu and Nezumi. It was a beautiful event, but it kind of broke the physic of the world, or have it? I’m quite curious to learn the reason for this singing wind, even more curious about its purpose. Nezumi was able to see the bee swarm invading the sky and Safu was able to hear it while watching art representation of said bees. THIS IS A CONSPIRACY!


Suddenly Bees, Bees everywhere

Does this means that Safu and Nezumi are somewhat connected? Or is the connection only there because of Sion? Is it because their mutual love for Sion that they are able to hear the singing of the bees? I have seriously no clue what this wind was all about. But now one thing is sure, Safu is coming back to No.6, I am certain she will find her way to Sion once again. With Safu and Sion intelligence and Nezumi’s stamina and strength, there is nothing that can stop them !


On a side note, Nezumi is really cute when he is cross-dressing. I already have a man crush on him, so if he keep becoming more and more effeminate, I will start believing that he is really a women. He is so talented at everything too! He dance and acts like no one else and in real life he is such a bad ass and he is not afraid of anything. It is really hard not to fall in love with him.


I would tap that

What a shame that the show is a yaoi, I suddenly wish I was gay to enjoy this show to the fullest. Poor Safu she will never be loved for what she is, poor girl merit to have a happy ending, I don’t want to see her sad. But from what we saw from next episode, it looks like her grandmother died and she will learn that Sion is not in No.6 anymore. I really hope that what I saw I interpreted correctly and that she will go to find him, even if it means she will never be able to come to No.6 again.



This show never stop being awesome, but I have a feeling it will either have a second season or the end will be rushed, because there is no way this will end with only 7 more episodes.  This story has too much potential to end so quickly.


ZeroG signing off

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