Naruto Shippuden Episode 223: Filler no Jutsu


Naruto, Yamato and Gai reach the only port in the Land of Fire on their way to Kumogakure, but find out that none of the seamen are willing to bring them there because of a giant marlin Animal Summon attacking anyone who tries to go out to sea. The Konoha ninja then help a man named Yusuke to defeat the monster.


WHY has there been a filler arc introduced…WHYYYY sobs If you’ve already forgotten by any chance, the last one lasted for 20 episodes, which is five months. FIVE FUCKING MONTHS. OF PAIN. ALL OVER AGAINNNNN dies Though I think five months of sea-related filler is too much even for Naruto. But then there was the 75-episode long one at the end of the original series…


Exactly. Look at his angry, pissed off face. And you don’t want to piss off this guy, Studio Pierrot. I mean, the manga has more than enough content to cover another season or so, there’s no real reason for this other than to spite us. By the way, the manga version of this sea trip took…half a page. Yup, HALF A FUCKING PAGE.

Anyway, disregarding the fact that next week is also pointless sea filler, let’s get on to what the actual episode was about. It was basically the Konoha team helping out a guy called Yusuke, who’s a guest voice actor, and is…um…someone important in real life…I think? He had lost his dad to a giant marlin summon, who was stranded after the Third Great Ninja War. Well, we all know what happens. Yusuke wins against the marlin, and Naruto sends the summon back to the summon world. The End. You see, this show has a habit of having a new plot with each filler, and because no-one dies in fillers, the whole problem is resolved in a couple of episodes or so. Well, now the Konoha team have set sail, it seems they run into problems from island to island, and each episode will probably follow this trend until they stop taking the piss and give us proper content.

I guess the most interesting thing was that the summon couldn’t go back because it had a Konoha fuuma shuriken stuck in it, and after Naruto took it out the marlin’s eyes went from suspicious Sharingan red to its normal colour. It may well have been Sharingan, as Nagato’s summon animals all had Rinnegan and some sort of control seal could have been put on the marlin.

For some reason, they decided to screw around with us even more and stick Ino, Sakura and Chouji into next week’s island. Somehow. Oh, and further filler titles have been released, featuring battleships, as well as ghost ships. Yay! Then people will subscribe to the ships, and Studio Pierrot will dedicate loads of episodes to ships, and OMFG WHY ITS A FUCKING SHIP.

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