Continuing where the duel kicked off, Crow quickly finds himself being hammered by the attacks and dealing with a shocking truth after Bolger having summoned Blood Mefist* , and reveals that it was he, who was involved with Pearson’s death because Pearson had rejected a deal from a company from the city. Astonished and hurt by the truth, Crow argues that Pearson wasn’t doing it for the money, but for the sake of the children to let them know that they didn’t need to rely on the city and can find themselves a future right there in Satellite. Having saying that along the lines a hidden password waiting to be found is certified and unlocks the space that Bruno was struggling and failed to have opened earlier on, revealing Black Feather Dragon. With the dragon and his signer mark reacting, Crow uses the dragon to set an example of the hardships Pearson had went through and overcame with its monster effect that absorbed the damage at the price of losing its attack points by the attack’s amount, and then later uses another effect to restore its attack points and defeat Bolger and his Blood Mefist.
A/N: *I wanted to confirm its spelling since I wasn’t sure if I spelt it right and looked it up. I learned that while the subs I watched called it Blood Mephisto, the actual translation was actually Blood Mefist according to YGO Wiki. But I’m not entirely certain how accurate that source is…


I hate to say it, but this episode was somewhat boring for me to watch. It was predictable, they immediately got straight to the point where Bolger revealed he was the one who was involved with Pearson’s death. And then~ you got the cliched moment of Black Feather Dragon popping out of the damn D-Wheel (well not literally, but it was hidden in spot that Bruno was trying to access). Moreover the god damn password must’ve been fucking long if it weren’t just a keyword. This is Yu Gi Oh, and you have to expect that when they are dueling they’d use their duel monsters to make a point, it’s been done before but this time just felt very… to be honest, I’m not sure what word to use to describe it. Anyhow, using Black Feather Dragon to make an example of what Pearson had been through in the past with his monster effect is really all too fitting (or rather obvious that it was meant to be) to match its purpose symbolically.
Now with Crow now having Black Feather Dragon in his possession, he finally got his own Dragon. It must’ve been a bitch to come up with considering he uses a Black Feather deck that is filled with crows / birds (LOL) and now he got this fabulous dragon. Congratulations Crow, you are now ‘officially’ one of the Signers since you finally got yourself a Dragon.
As for Bolger, I don’t give the shit about how he’s now guilty and turned himself in. He was a dick who honestly didn’t see Pearson’s true reason for educating the children and building the D-Wheel with them. And going as far as using an illegal card and being involved in killing him- I have no respect for him whatsoever.


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