Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 17: Aknowleding Fear

Yuuma finds himself confronted by his friends to give him more information about the mystery behind the ‘Numbers Cards’ after having seen several mysterious cases on the internet. After Yuuma refuses to and purposely avoids them for the rest of the day, Tetsuo suggests they make a ‘Numbers Club’ where as they can do some investigations and try and learn more about these dangerous cards and how they put Yuuma at risk. Tokunosuke and Cathy asks to join after hearing about the club. After school the group splits up and try obtaining information, and while doing so Kotori runs into Shark who warns her to not get anymore involved with the numbers situation. Later when the group reunite, they learn nobody has obtained any useful information except for Tokunosuke suggesting they seek a well known fortune teller named Jin who was expecting them, and soon holds them hostage while Cathy successfully escapes however is momentarily possessed by Jin to send Yuuma the message. Astral who is still scared and not willing to put his life on the line declares that they must not walk into the trap, however Yuuma protests and attempts to punch him and goes off anyhow to try and save his friends. When he arrives, he and Jin duel but much to Yuuma’s horror, Jin can through see all his cards and force him into a pinch right off the bat. As Astral witnesses this terrifying situation, he finally comes to realize that what he is experiencing is fear.

Hm, this episode was fairly interesting. Yuuma’s friends got a chunk of screentime while he was spending most of his screen-time avoiding them. It was really awesome to see Cathy back in the picture, especially stepping out of her shell to say that she’d like to join the ‘Numbers Club’. I also liked seeing her jumping like a ninja *cough* I mean using her cat-like reflects – basically having a badass moment. AND DON’T FORGET HER LOVELY FURRY MINIONS!
I was actually surprised it was Tetsuo who suggested to make the ‘Numbers Club’, at first when I had checked out the preview summaries, I thought it was going to be Kotori since she likes helping Yuuma out. But man speaking of the girl, Kotori is such an idiot to even step closer to the an ALL TOO SUSPICIOUS DUDE IN A CLOAK AND TOTALLY GIVES OFF A DANGEROUS, EVIL VIBE. And seriously congratulations Tokunosuke. You just made them walk right into the trap.
I have to ask, WTF is with Kaito sitting up there on the throne? Moreover, is that really him? He got the figure and all, but… It’s weird… Something just doesn’t feel right.
It was pretty entertaining seeing Astral really freaking out when he noticed his presence. Oh and about Astral, he FINALLY acknowledges and realizes that what he’s currently experiencing is fear.
And last thing I am going to mention, Yuuma was INCREDIBLY naive. My god, anyone with common sense would know that if your opponent has summoned monsters with 0 ATK points, there’s more to it than meets the idea. Jeez, hasn’t Yuuma learnt ANYTHING? IT almost feels like he’s back at square one in a way with his naive personality but then again, that’s his character- being fucking naive.
Next week! It looks like Yuuma’s key is finally going to play a role! T^T Well at least I will be able to watch the raws if the subs doesn’t get out on time.
Finally Shark! REJOICE, HE GOT SOME SORT OF SCREENTIME! But hey, It was pretty awesome to see him warn Kotori not to get involved anymore than she already is. Shark probably wouldn’t have done that if Yuuma hadn’t helped him out and he is probably investigating on his own, especially since he had found their witness very early on. He seems to be very aware of just how dangerous Numbers really are.
The positive note is, now that Yuuma’s friends are getting themselves involved in this mess, even after this event they have the choice whether to continue or back out before its too late (heck maybe it already it!). With that said this would definitely give them the opportunity to become useful in the future.
Now the last thing I have to mention that there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll be updating next week. It all depends on whether the episode gets subbed early Wednesday. If not, I won’t be updating for the next two-three weeks since since I’m going to be away. Unfortunately I’m the only one who’s watching this show in our team so I don’t have anyone to cover this for me when I’m gone.


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