R-15 episode 5: Yuri? Yuri !

Summary:A genius artist is kidnapping young girl to turn them into pieces of art, genius of all sex most unite to defeat this terrible evil and protect the innocence of the girl of the academy.




What the fuck am I watching? I know that this show should not have any story and is just a pure ecchi, but still, this was pushing it a bit wasn’t it? I am still confused as to what my eyes just witness. The porn I watch is less  hardcore than this episode.



At the beginning I was confused as to what was going on, the character we were focus on this episode was the genius hacker, not the genius porn novelist, so we got to learn that she is a yuri master and a genius hacker at the same time, but not only did we learn who she was, we were also introduced to the genius artist who also happen to be a yuri queen. I was quite confused at that point, why is every girl at the academy so fond of yuri? It is true that it seems the school is composed mostly of female and the few male present who are not porn artist are gay. Is that reason enough to forget about the boys and just turn lesbian?  It seems when you are a genius, it is.


About three-quarter of the episode was a yuri fight in a boxing ring. Maybe I’m just really unfamiliar with yuri or genius academy school life, but seriously what the fuck is this? I had not yet complained about this show for the absurdity of the content, but this crossed the line for me. My mind went from ecchi to wtf mode in a few second. Maybe the fact that there is more white stripes than actual content doesn’t help the ecchi side of the show.  I really hope, for the sake of the people who will buy the blu-ray that under those white stripes lies more than panty shots, because with the overall wtf-ness of this episode, if this doesn’t turn to a hentai people might wonder why they bought the episode.



Things are becoming weird as of late, let’s hope next episode lies more on the realm of reality and less on the verge of insanity. I’ll be watching it anyway, because that genius photographer turns me on, so I guess they did something right anyway.


ZeroG signing off

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  1. The censor bar are pretty damn annoying.. it feels like this crap has more censor than Manyuu Hiken-chou…. An anime I was expecting to be good failed to meet my expectations…

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