Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni Ep 5: School Trip Blackmail


Akihisa receives blackmail in his locker, which threatens to release crossdressing pictures of him to the Internet if he doesn’t stay away from the girls in his inner circle. At the same time, Yuuji realizes someone has given Shouko an edited recording of him proposing to her, and both Yuuji and Akihisa ask Voyeur for help. After Voyeur concludes it was the same person spying on both of them, all the classes go on a field trip, where they are framed again for peeking by the spy.


Similar to the past four weeks, we get another filler out of BakaTest (officially known as anime-original content) however this time it’s going on for multiple episodes. If this had been Episode 1, I wouldn’t have minded so much but since next week marks the halfway point through the series and we’re still trudging through filler shit, I’m less than impressed. Even Blood-C picked up this week. After being convinced to try the scanlated manga by Eva, I learn the hard way that THERE IS A PLOT. And it continues immediately after the end of the first season. So this brings me to the inevitable question: WHY THE FUCK are we STILL in filler when enough manga or light novel plot EXISTS for Silver Link to animate?

Putting that aside, this week’s blackmail victim plot wasn’t too bad, and was fairly interesting. The episode wasn’t split into two like some of the previous weeks, and if I hadn’t read a few chapters on in the manga, I would have thought this was proper content. So I’ll look at it as if it WAS proper content (:

Akihisa gets blackmailed through crossdressing which is now an official theme of the show. Yuuji deduces that Shouko isn’t good enough with technology to voice edit, and that his spy is probably the same person as Akihisa’s. From here it turns mystery-detective style, as they try to figure out who’s throwing dirt on them. I doubt Silver Link will introduce any new support characters, but there are still so many people it could be, there’s no way of telling. I personally think it could be the class rep who’s gay over Akihisa whose name I’ve forgotten. Or, since that person has Shouko’s number, it could be a Class A girl, which means it may be Aiko. (the green-haired one xD) Equally likely is Minami or Himeji, who is feigning ignorance to try to get the other away from their Yoshii-kun.

Even the teachers hate Class F, it’s that or they were trying to be moral fighters of justice peek at the girls baths themselves. Either way, they all also somehow have their own Shoukanjuu, which is a bit surprising seeing that they don’t take tests or study at the school. Not unlike Akihisa, Ironman turns out to be really thick and doesn’t have one, preferring to exploit Akihisa’s unique Shoukanjuu to brutally kill him, slapstick style. Unsurprisingly, the Class F boys get pwned and have to think of a better way to find out who was spying on them.

One consistent thing about this show is the slapstick as well as the art, it never fails to impress and that makes it stand out among the many other comedy anime series out there. The minor comedic sketches such as Akihisa’s personality test or Himeji’s fatal cooking also give us a few extra laughs. Somehow, I can’t help but think that Silver Link only gives us these fillers week after week without being afraid that we’d drop this, knowing that we’d come back every week for more Hideyoshi of the incredibly unique characters and setting.

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