Steins; Gate episode 19: FB


Okabe needs to undo the last of the D-mail. That means he has to chase after Moeka, this time, he will need to use more than words.



The time for the last and final D-mail has arrived. This time things won’t go as easily as before. Moeka is such an interesting character, it surprises me. Shining finger is so desperate and has no reason to live, she is exactly what Okabe has always feared to become.

She has no self-esteem and say that she can’t do anything properly, but in different timeline she was able to catch Mayuri no matter what.  Moeka is not useless, she simply have no self-esteem life and therefore devote her life to this being called FB. She never met “her”, she never spoke to FB, but she will obey her every order.


From the trend of this show, I would guess that we at least once saw FB. Everytime something happens, we have seen the character, but who could FB possibly be?


When in doubt, Rape is the answer

It could be Kurisu, but that would be unlikely. Even if she is said to be the mastermind behind everything at SERN in a different timeline, she has nothing to do with them in this one, in fact she is always willing to help Okabe. It could all be a big conspiracy, but I think it is unlikely even so.


Daru and Ruka are not good master evil either. Daru is a big guy, while he is very handy with computer, he has no social skill what so ever and would not be able to manipulate a life like that. Ruka has so little self-esteem that there is no way she can manipulate someone like that, she could be manipulated, but not be the mastermind behind anything.


This leaves two people in my mind. It could be Mayuri herself, maybe Mayuri from another dimension knows everything that is going on and she just want the revolution to occur so she can be with Okabe. But that sounds weird too since, Mayuri dies and it means she would have order someone to kill her.

This means, FB could very well be Okabe from another timeline. After all Okabe is losing his mind little by little with all of this. He is slowly losing the sense of reality. He does things he would have never done before because he knows that he won’t be there after anyway and that his actions have little to no consequences. Maybe at some point if he cannot save Mayuri anymore, he will just lose it completely and become this evil mastermind that tries to control the universe. Maybe Okabe will really become the mad scientist Hououin Kyouma. I think that this would be a proper FB. Okabe, with the knowledge of time has the power to control a great organization and if he became the evil scientist that he fantasize to be, he will have all the reasons to be the monster that FB seems to be.


Until we finally see who FB is, there is no telling really. I could be wrong and it could be no one we ever met. But I am really confidant that we know who FB is already. The next few episode will tell us who it is exactly.




This episode was really great, Moeka is such an interesting character I find it sad that I just realized it now. There is no telling how great the future episode will be, I cannot wait for the next Tuesday.


ZeroG signing off

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  1. This episode was amazing XD I also found Moeka an interesting character in this episode. I wonder how many times he used the time leap. My guess is that theres gonna be a huge twist at the end of this anime or towards the end XD

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