Kamisama Dolls episode 6: The Village


Kyohei, Hibino and Utao are going to meet the Utsuwashi family to have kukuri repaired.



This is the first episode that goes beyond the manga, and it did fairly well. The major difference was the amount of action present in the episode.

The first 5 episode had a lot of action going on in each episode, there was always a reason for fighting. But this episode we had no one fighting, it was time of peace for everyone. The kakachi were being repaired and everyone just tried to regain strength after all the trouble that happened in the city.

But the episode was not uninteresting nonetheless. I really loved the forest that was interconnected and let you read people’s thought, it is an interesting addition to the universe. It makes you want to be there, the forest lets the people in it share their thought to everyone around no matter if they want it or not.


The episode had a fair share of ecchi in it too. The part where everyone fell off because of Utao was unnecessary from a story stand point, but it was enjoyable to see has a male viewer. It produces those wonderful screenshot too.


But that was not the only part that was “more ecchi than needed” Hibino decided to have a wet t-shirt contest by herself, she won. But I am uncertain if it means much.


Now the interesting part. We were not explained why Utao and Kirio were separated at birth, but we know that the Huega and the Kuga hate each other for some reason, so I am really interested to learn how that deal worked out. But we did learn that there is  other family in the village too. the Utsuwashi family are a neutral family that repairs the kakashi, so it seems that the political system in the village is quite complicated for such an isolated and backward town.

Now while this episode was relaxing, next episode we begin what I was most fascinated about…Kyohei’s past. Kyohei always looks like such a wimp and a useless brat, but in reality, you know that he is wise and he simply hide his strength. I want to know what happened to him in the past, I want to learn the story behind that teacher and I want to understand who Kyohei is and what he went through. There must be a reason why he fled and escaped the village, why he forfeited his title of Seki and let his sister do it instead. Next episode, I might have my thirst for knowledge quench.




A slow episode overall, but nonetheless enjoyable. It was after all a good prelude to what, I hope, will be the most interesting part of the story. Next episode we will finally learn the terrible past of the village and the reason why Aki is such a crazy kid.


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