Steins; Gate episode 20: The final words of FB


Moeka and Okabe are following the IBN 5100 to find the identity of FB and obtain his phone in order to undo Moeka’s D-mail.




This…is…awesome. This is the episode where everything is revealed. Mr.Braun was working with SERN all along, Moeka gets killed, Ferdinand Braun commits suicide and now Okabe needs to decide if he saves Mayuri or Kurisu.

OK First of all,  FB identity of finally revealed. F.B Ferdinand Braun, FB was living under Okabe’s feet all this time. He was but another puppet of SERN, but he was the one manipulating Moeka all along. He is the one who asked for Okabe, Daru and Kurisu to be captured in another timeline and for Mayuri to be killed. The man who gave so much trouble to Okabe. It seems that he was giving him more problem than simply raising his rent. But now, this is all over, Mr.Braun was only a puppet, he had no choice if he wanted to protect his innocent daughter from the vicious grip of SERN. He decided to kills himself rather than risk his daughter’s life. He was a good man in a bad position all along, but in the end, people are only remembered for their actions and not who they are.

I was surprised to see that Moeka helped Okabe this episode. I know that she is uncertain about everything and she has no purpose in her live to begin with, but I was still not expecting her to help that much. In the end she sides with Okabe, but the end didn’t lasted long for her, since she dies shortly after. Strangely, it seems that everyone around Okabe is doomed to die, Mayuri, Moeka, Amane and Kurisu. He might have the Steiners eyes, but in the end it serves him only to see everyone around him die again and again. Now by undoing D-mail he haven’t saved a single life, instead he doomed Moeka and Amane trying to save Mayuri. Now will he need to sacrifice Kurisu too?

At the end of this episode Okabe finally realized that there was one more D-mail to undo, the one where he prevented Kurisu’s death. Now he will have to choose, who will he save? Is Mayuri really worth all those lives? I think that in the end he would much rather save Kurisu than Mayuri, but what does this means for the world? There are so many things to consider and Okabe is, in the end, so dumb. He will most likely take a hold of Mayuri and Kurisu and ask them which of them would rather live. That would be interesting, he could let them fight it out. Maybe he will just be his stubborn self and try to save both?

There was so much information revealed this episode, it was just a giant ball of awesomeness, what could possibly be the meaning behind all this? I just want to see what decision Okabe will take, he better choose Kurisu, I will not forgive him if she is lost, she needs to be for ever near Okabe’s side!

I am team Kurisu, what team are you on?




I had to watch this episode 3 times before I was able to calm down and write this post, there was just too much awesomeness for my brain to interpret and analyze. In the end, I regret nothing, I am completely sold out to Steins;Gate, the show is by far the best I have seen in a very long time.


ZeroG signing off

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  1. I am team Mayuri! tuturu XD
    This show is just too awesome, this show is just too unpredictable.
    4 more episodes to go!

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