Blood c 6 – shit happens, shit continues to happen OH GOD SHIT HAPPENED!!!!!! (4 AND 5 TOO I GUESS)

Excuse the lack of updates, I just moved many states away and have been settling in! However there is much to discuss. For instance, while not amazing




no joke


Anyway I was waiting for 6 since it was so close and let me tell you….this episode blew me away. Yeah, this episode just…yeah clamp had something to do with this LMAO


so I’ve decided


well played clamp


well played














I see it now! You made me hate every single character except homo lust boy who wants to fuck Saya so that when they died I would be amused! I must admit, I did not think you would do it to fanservice. nene and nono were cute so of course who would see that coming hur hur hur. Nene gets Mami’d almost immediately and Nono follows suit later.


I don’t know how to express this. Does this episode make the anime good? Oh no, hell no. But it sure as hell makes it fun for me to watch. Is it better? Why quite yes! So I will continue to watch and be amused


4 and 5 were better but not really new. There was mythos stuff implying the covenant has been broken and because of it Saya will be punished. There was also something implying Saya was chosen. And there was not even singing in 5! I will say this, they were interesting to watch. I didn’t see 6 coming. But honestly if you’re reading this you saw 6 as the headline and let me tell you, 4 and 5 really just pave the way for the shit storm. Because this is a shitstorm. PEOPLE DYIN FUCKIN EVERYWHERE! Ahaha, it’s so beautiful XD


wow saya you're...smokin


And the only thing I care about anymoree


yeah, you tell him allll night looong


Literally all that happens now is baker guy at guimauve flirts with saya, my main man flirts with saya, BLOOD AND GUTS RAIN DOWN ON HUMANITY. Maybe next fucking episode they’ll finish the mythos they started to explain in 5 so we can know why all the fucking blood and guys are spilled.


Sorry for not much content but come on guys.


Nene just got MAMI’D.



2 thoughts on “Blood c 6 – shit happens, shit continues to happen OH GOD SHIT HAPPENED!!!!!! (4 AND 5 TOO I GUESS)

  1. I hope the monsters eat away the coffee maker guy and her dad. Hate these two guys. No miam miam moments after. Its obvious that the coffee shop guy is an apprentice of her dad too but he’s playing it low key. Her dad is lying to her face all the time and he’s cold as ice. And maybe the “dog” is someone we already know? And whats the role of her “teacher”? She’s not a normal human either. Emo boy that likes Says have some secrets too.

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