After visiting the graveyard for his friend Pearson who had died in a fire a few years ago, Crow finds Ushio and Mikage coming up to him revealing that they found another piece of evidence (a dangerous card that deals real impact) that is related to the suspect who is responsible for Pearson being killed. After they had asked whether he knew anyone who had used that card, Crow takes it and asks an old friend of his who was also good friends with Pearson about the card. However Crow again, finds himself questioned – only this time regarding Pearson’s ace, Black Feather Dragon. He learns that Bolger wants it so that he can use it to sell off to an investor to save the company, but Crow however isn’t aware of whether or not he has it on him in the first place. Bolger then decides to challenge Crow to a duel that if Crow wins, he will reveal who killed Pearson, and if he wins he will obtain Black Feather Dragon. Crow later agrees to the duel where soon find himself dealing with Bolger using an Anti-Black Feather Deck.

Sorry I didn’t update on Saturday guys, it slipped my mind! 8D *SHOT* BLAME UTA PRI BEING SO AWESOME.
So here we are getting a little bit more about Crow’s past. We learned the actual reason that caused him to go stealing cards for the children and how he learned how to make a D-Wheel and stuff as well as learning that he was at a point he didn’t know what to do anymore, and Pearson was the one who gave him that motivation again. On the side note I have to laugh because both Pearson’s and Crow’s D-Wheel look almost, if not- exactly the same.
It’s no secret that Bolger is the one who is responsible for committing that crime that had killed Pearson. Why? There’s no need to ask, the producers didn’t even try hiding it. We’ve seen a few flashbacks, then to justify it, we see Bolger who doesn’t look any different than from the past and on top of that that guy is acting so suspicious and only really wants the damn Black Feathered Dragon for his selfish stake to save the company with what looks to be a non-trust worthy investor.
And now here they are. Crow and Bolger dueling where Bolger has come completely prepared with an anti-Black Feather Deck since the Black Feathers monsters all heavily rely on each other with their effects and such. Talk about being desperate for victory. 
Next Episode, we see Black Feather Dragon on Crow’s field, so one way or another Crow has already or have found it in the middle of the duel. Well whatever, hearing ‘Dragon’ in the name, i think we all know the ulterior motive of this. >_>; STATE OF OBVIOUS HINT: CROW DOESN’T HAVE A ‘DRAGON’ WHEN HE’S A SIGNER AND THUS WITHOUT A ‘DRAGON’ HE’S DOESN’T REPRESENT HIS MARK VERY WELL.


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