Yuru Yuri Episode 5: That Awkward Silence…


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Kyouko, Yui and Chitose go to a comic convention in Tokyo, and Ayano tags along without even realizing her destination, while Himawari and Sakurako are at home finishing off their summer homework. Meanwhile, at Chinatsu’s house, Chinatsu forces herself on Akari and kisses her after a mad chase, calling it “practice”.


AHHHH hyperventilates I’ll get on to the rest of the episode soon, but first I HAVE to comment on the last 5mins of this STRAIGHT AWAY.

After what was probably the best bit of Yuru Yuri so far I was like this for a good while:

Then all the way through the ED I was like this:

From the preview for next week, they unfortunately seem to resolve the issue, but what remains was DAT awesome awkward silence that occurred when Yui and Kyouko randomly caught them, having opened the door as it was conveniently unlocked. I didn’t actually think Chinatsu would kiss Akari to be honest, those situations always get avoided unless its an R18+ rated anime or something. But this is Yuru Yuri, which displayed an excellent last 5mins of the episode, going out on a high. Too bad that can’t be said about the rest of the episode…

While Akari no longer has the one-trick pony tag attached to her back, becoming a more interesting character in the process, Chitose still does. Even in a cosplay outfit of a robot ball (which I didn’t get the point of at all) she can still only fantasize about lesbian situations, which is starting to get more annoying than funny though it gives me interesting screenies to take. Similarly, Sakurako and Himawari, the two junior student council members are mere add-ons that were put into the start of the second half for seemingly no good reason other than to make an appearance, though I must remember that I shouldn’t expect plot from this genre.

Kyouko still remains the most interesting and original character, with Ayano as the second half of the comedy duo. I think Kyouko actually got a light tan this episode, or was it just me? Overall, it was a decent episode, that didn’t make me fall asleep, but could have been timed a lot better with funnier gags spread throughout. It was the last bit really that stopped me from raging at the rest of the episode, and somehow from those final minutes I still have expectations from this show that I want fulfilled.

PS. Of course I didn’t use this as an excuse to put Nako’s face in here, how dare you suggest that.

0 thoughts on “Yuru Yuri Episode 5: That Awkward Silence…

  1. They really gotta stop overdoing the damn nose bleeding… The ending was kinda interesting, and how Akari was crying but it seems like from the next week episode preview everything goes back to normal…

  2. That’s all Chitose can do =/ And yup, with this genre the gags tend to appear once then its like the kiss never happened, yet they keep the running jokes like the nose bleeding or Akari’s lack of presence.

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