Jack suggested their team name for the WRGP should be 5Ds, and he, Yusei and Crow go onto the track to practice after learning they will be facing Team Unicorn for the preliminary first round. When Crow decides to take one more round despite they have been told their round on the track was over, he ends up crashing into Breo, a member of Team Unicorn. Andore suggests he and Yusei to duel as an apology since he didn’t want them to pay for the parts to repair Breo’s D-Wheel. With that said despite Yusei having been hesitant about agreeing with the challenge, with the persuasion of Jack and Crow, he agrees to take the challenge- however completely unaware it’s a set up to analyze his deck and strategy.

*Yawns* Okay so isn’t my ideal episode for three reasons.
#1: Terrible Animation Quality – It was driving me nuts and I found it very annoying to watch/look at despite it had some major improvement here and there.
#2: Not much happened – Boring~
#3: Bruno trying to be funny – Not so funny, sure he’s being derpy, but the humor didn’t get to me.
It’s no secret that Team Unicorn had planned to have a duel with Yusei so that they can figure out a stradegy. He is the one that poses at the biggest threat compared to Jack’s and Crow’s, so I could say ‘predictable’ decks. Moreover, it looks like Andore isn’t using his official deck since Jean had mentioned he’s a genius and have understand several different kinds. But not revealing his true deck while Yusei, on the other hand is, this puts Yusei at a huge disadvantage as well as being mislead.
The new outfits, Yusei looks awesome and suits him well, Crow’s… not my favorite but it’s okay and Jack’s – well his hasn’t changed a single bit, or at least nothing obvious.
I have nothing more to say because there’s really nothing to talk about. :\


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  1. Yusei Fudo

    I appreciate you watching and blogging my series; not many people blog Yu-Gi-Oh! these days. Anyway, I have a tip for you.
    Many people notice the difference in animation style between each episode and it seems your liking of an episode is somewhat influenced as such. The animation directors play a big part in this, and all the Yu-Gi-Oh! series have a large handful of them working for each show.
    Over on the Janime Forums (Google them), there are chronicles for each series (DM, DMGX, 5D’s, ZeXal) showing who was the animation director(s) for every episode. I find it pretty neat how often some of them do an episode in addition to the wide array of art styles portrayed.
    I don’t mean to advertise, but looking back at previous 5D’s entries on here, I think you could learn a thing or two about who exactly made the series come to ‘life.’
    The only spoilers are those who did the animation; nothing more or less. Thanks for your time in reading this.

    1. Eva

      Not exactly. I’m picky about the quality rather than the style. I know there’s about three or four different kinds of styles (and don’t get me wrong, I love them all!) that this show is constantly drawn as from time to time since it’s not always the same animators or director as you have said. However bad animation when the image/scene isn’t smooth and not precise and very rough around the edge is what turns me off. It’s like when Bleach has its ‘fail’ quality days. XD It’s so obvious that it makes your eyes kind of grimace (ofc that doesn’t apply to everyone).
      Thanks for the sources, though I am already a bit familiar with Janime. 🙂

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