The duel continues but ends up being halted as Team Unicorn’s practice time finishes. Yusei grows concerned about the trap card that had been set and was supposed to be used when he was trying to finish Andore off only to have the duel stopped. In the mean time not too long after that, while Yusei was speed training with Aki, Sherry shows up to say ‘hi’ and warn them about there’ll probably be dangerous people in the competition. Then, before anyone knows it, Crow finds himself in an accident during his morning training and resulted fracturing his shoulder, forced by the doctor to not take part of the competition. Aki, despite being well aware that she is inexperience, offers to take Crow’s place.

There was honestly nothing that special about the duel between Andore and Yusei, mainly because we were already made aware that Andore wasn’t actually playing to win, but to seek out Yusei’s strategies. He was timing everything, as he had purposely started counting down and halting the duel, using the practice’s time being completed. So that’s one problem that Team 5Ds will be facing with their first round opponent.
Next brings up the second issue that the three of them can use to their benefit against Team Unicorn. Just after Sherry had warned both Aki and Yusei that there may be some dangerous people within the WRGP hired by Yliaster, Crow ends up in an accident – which results his fracturing his shoulder and won’t be able to recover for a month. With that said, honestly I thought maybe they’d call up Kiryu- though I don’t know how much experience the guy has with riding duels besides during the time as a Dark Signer. However that would’ve contradicted the meaning of Team 5Ds- and then here we see Aki offering to stand in for Crow even though she lacks experience and is relatively new to this. Being an Aki fan and having not seen her duel in the last 20 episodes, yeah, I’m excited. Realistically speaking she probably won’t win because of her inexperience, of course I would’ve been confident she’d win if they were doing the ground-duel like they had during the Fortune Cup.
Now the WRGP is really starting!!!


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