The first prelimary rounds begins for the WRGP. Team Unicorn VS Team 5Ds! Just when Team 5Ds thought they had prepared well, they quickly discover that they’ve been tricked with Team Unicorn’s false deck during the practice round making them believe that Andore was a Power Deck user, putting Jack first when in fact Andore had prep a deck to take down Power Decks. Jack, with his pride on the line struggles to win but ends up losing just as his D-Wheel breaks down.

Jack just got owned by Andore who had the pleasure of defeating him. On top of that, thanks to ignoring the call to go into the pit, Jack ends up in an accident because Bruno discovered there’s something wrong with the Wheel of Fortune’s air tank- which as result sent him flying (seriously I would imagine they’d put seat-belts or something on these things by now with how people just keep on FLYING off!).
The episode was both boring and low quality. I honestly was expecting Jack to lose because:
1) He so overconfident and because of that, 99% of the time it comes back to bite him in the ass.
2) Andore had a deck that was prepared to take down Power Decks
3) Whenever he ignores warnings, bad things always happen
It’s also better seeing Team Unicorn use UNICORN duel monsters.
That’s about it. There’s nothing really to discuss about this episode.


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