Bleach 341: For Honour

Kageroza and Ichigo finish their fight…

Hey this episode was actually half-good. By that I mean that the first half of the episode was awesome and I tried to find the kill switch of my PC during the second half.


The first half of the show we have this awesome battle between Kageroza and Ichigo and the animation and the fight is intense and really well animated. You can see there was a lot of effort put into this single battle and it was worth it, those first 10 minutes of the show were awesome because of the incredible fight. But all goes to shit right after, has soon as Kageroza starts his ultimate destructive channel.

The Reigai sacrifice themselves to save the day, destroying both problem at once…That was just retarded, what was their goal really? their only purpose was to fight the original in order to kill themselves in the end when they were getting tired of living their false life? It was absolute shit. It was anti-climatic and the shitty speech about honour they had before they commit their mass suicide was bad and cheesy, not in a good cheesy way. I really could care less about moral in the fillers of my anime. I want to see mindless violence and atrocities, not morals.  Where is my insanity at !

Now in the end Nozomi died, she sacrifice herself to save the day…how heroic. Just kidding, I’m glad that bitch that she was really getting on my nerve. The other one who is always getting on my nerve, Kon, is still alive though. For some reason it seems that Kageroza’s sword is rather dull, it was unable to cut Kon to shred, only cutting off an arm from a stuffed lion. You know they mean business when a doll is more resistant than their blade. If only Kon could have died when Nozomi left this plane of existence, this arc would not have been in vain. But no, he is still alive, maybe he will kill himself for his failure, that would be the honourable thing to do.

There is still one more episode of filler-bleach before the awesomeness starts again. This arc of kageroza looks pretty done, so maybe next week we will have a filler of a filler. THOSE ARE THE BEST. I JUST LOVE IT WHEN I CAN GET TWO TIMES THE BULLSHIT. If the episode is really as bad as I predict it to be…I still can’t decide what I will do. At least I will have so much bad episode that when the real season start I will only be able to love it since it will be thousands of time more enjoyable than the crap we were forced to watched during the summer. I guess that will be my positive thought for the week.


Bottom line, the fight was cool, everything else was lame and I could have watched a giraffe sleep it would have been more fun.


ZeroG signing off

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