Hanasaku Iroha Ep 22 & 23: Wedding and Back to Tokyo

Double entry because I never got around to do last week’s episode. I apologize for that. ^^;/

Episode 22: All about Love

The episode gave us quite a bit of development as well as revealing an important fact about Ohana’s father since he has been a mystery all long. It turns out he had died fifteen years ago, and Satsuki really loved him. She calls it a ‘One-Sided Crush’ that she can’t forget. Thanks to her and the explanation, Ohana started thinking about her feelings towards Ko and finally declared that she in does have a crush on Ko. (ABOUT TIME!) Minko’s actions of desperately trying to get Ohana to go out with Tohru was brave, stupid and heartbreaking. I can’t say I was surprised to see the girls get into a physical fight since Ohana and Minko never quite had ‘ordinary’ arguments. But anyhow, I’m glad that Minko and Tohru had talked after Tohru overheard and witnessed the argument.
The wedding was sweet, I loved the fact the girls were able to finish making Takako’s wedding dress, even more so that even while serving the guests by doing their job, they also managed to make time to attend as guests since they were invited. Tarou much to everyone’s dismay really did go along with his plan of ‘re-acting’ the confession (more so probably made up), dragging poor Beanman along with him. D:
And finally, after the credits- the dreadful moment that we’ve been all waiting for finally happened. Sui announced that after the Bonbori festival, Kissuiso will be closed as well as the fact Beanman will be retiring
PS: Satsuki’s letter was hilarious! XD

Episode 23: Back to Tokyo

This was a very, very, VERY slow paced episode. It focused a lot on Ko and Takako, and their experience with Ohana. Takako, with the will wanting to protect Kissiuo gone out with Ohana to Tokyo to hunt that ass who ripped them off with the help of Satsuki setting up the meeting place. Takako was never my favorite character but I’ll tell you right now, I was impressed with her badass trait of owning the director despite it had taken a lot of energy. And it’s really only now that it hits me for real that Takako is now Ohana’s aunt! With Ohana having been separated for such a long time, I really felt that distance between them that makes their relation by blood forgettable.
I would hate to see Kissiuo out of business for good. It’s Ohana’s home and passion, and to lose that – it’s truly unbearable. Although she had said so herself that she isn’t interested in becoming Madame Manager of the inn, she doesn’t hesitate to take responsibility such as going along with Takako to catch the crook.
As for Ko, I wasn’t entirely surprised to see that he in fact hasn’t given up on her. Now that the two of them reunited, there BETTER BE A CONFESSION, IF THERE ISN’T – I’M GOING TO KICK SOMETHING. And mind you I don’t need them to kiss, I just need them to reveal that they have mutual feelings for each other.


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0 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha Ep 22 & 23: Wedding and Back to Tokyo

  1. ep 23 was awesome XD
    i wanted to see Ko point of view and i really liked it how he still hasnt given up on her yet.
    Satsuki’s letter was pure win 😀

    1. XD Yeah Ep 23 really filled in the gap we’ve been waiting for on Ko’s side, even though he never struck as an ‘important character’. I’m definitely looking forward to see how they end this, I’m rooting for them to find a way to bring back the business they need.

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