Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Ep 9: Just Pretending

Akihisa…how can you be so THICK?

slams. head. on. wall. in. anger.


Minami kisses Akihisa, and many of Class F as well as Class D’s Shimizu speculate on their relationship, but all misunderstandings are cleared. When Yuuji finds out that Class B is about to declare an ESB, he asks Akihisa, Minami and Himeji to act out a love scene to provoke Shimizu as Class D are easier to defeat. However, the act is soon dropped and both girls reveal their true feelings.


Did…that just seriously happen? I mean, Minami kissing Aki at the end of the episode 2 weeks back was pretty much a clear sign that she loves him, even amidst all the slapstick violent treatment she’s been giving him. Then, we had all that character development about Minami’s past, giving her a legit reason to start liking Akihisa. But now, I just feel really trolled – because Akihisa STILL HAS NO CLUE THAT TWO GIRLS ARE CHASING AFTER HIM. It’s not even him playing hard to get, he actually DOESN’T KNOW. Why the hell does he think that Himeji has acting experience of ALL THINGS, and it never crossed his mind that she actually does like him??????

That verbal bitchfight between Minami and Himeji was pretty intense, with both of them slowly cracking under the facade, then dropping the pretense completely, Himeji even saying that she won’t forgive Minami for taking Akihisa’s first kiss. They’ve both dug themselves into a huge hole, since that bug would mean Shimizu has heard everything, and has probably recorded it too. Now she knows that two girls love him, she might either still carry on with her plan to beat Class F, but it would be completely in her character to edit the audio and use that to make Minami give up on Akihisa.

To be honest, I think Minami has a lot more claim on Akihisa than Himeji does – he tried to befriend Minami when she still didn’t know how to speak Japanese that well, not to mention them knowing each other for longer. While I’m certain Himeji is his true love interest, Akihisa is honestly so dense that he misses every single flag from both girls. You don’t get retards like that too often, and this isn’t even a harem show! Yeah, looking at you Orimura Ichika. You can even tell that Himeji’s feeling depressed – in the preview/test questions sections, even Akihisa is scoring points while both Himeji and Shouko are messing their answers up. Coincidence?

Now, in terms of Shoukanjuu, it looks like another ESB is about to start between Class F and D, and possibly B as well if Yuuji’s plan doesn’t go right. Which it almost never does. Now, if only the conflicting romance Akihisa is going through gets into even deeper shit, and the ESBs start to get out of hand, then we’re in for a hell of an episode next week.

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