Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Ep 9: Y U NO TALK TO ME

And so the tables are turned…


Kurosu invites Haruka to the training camp to cook for the Student Council, and she spends a lot of time with Taito, making Himea feel extremely jealous. One night while watching fireworks, Himea approaches Taito only to overhear Haruka confess.


We’re presented with the usual in Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi this week – more questions get raised, we still have no idea what the motive of most of the characters are, and-wait, what? Haruka actually did something? Well, she certainly dropped the bomb this episode, confessing to Taito outright after Taito spends the whole day with her and leaves Himea all by herself to make her sad puppy face for the whole of 25 mins.

I gave up all of my power to save your life, but I bet even this tomato wants to talk to me more

I know there are fans that rage Himea for being slutty/bitchy/etc. but I’m never really a fan of the girls in anime who are part of the “just friends” group, and Haruka fits in so well with that label. Hopefully nothing cliché will happen, like Taito rejecting Haruka, Haruka being possessed and everyone having to save Haruka in the most shounen way possible shit I’ve jinxed it haven’t I.

I somehow have this feeling that the whole idea of inviting Haruka was set up by Kurosu Yuuichi-sensei, as he hints at the military knowing about Haruka’s split personality/possession thing that we got just a glimpse of a few episodes back. Izumi’s rigging of the pairs in that test of courage was also foiled by Kurosu, and after the test Taito is sent a random image of…something. Yes, I honestly have no idea what the fuck that…thing was. And this wasn’t the Nico sub either. Fear not, it’ll pop up right after everyone’s forgotten about it and explain itself, like with Ramiel Lilith this time. We get huge hints that Himea is at least connected to Ramiel Lilith, as she will attempt to end the world in her loneliness, which is why Taito has to absolutely be with her and childhood friends can’t.

Okay, rage section. Only one thing I particularly hated this week, and it was the TWO RANDOM GUYS THAT JUST APPEARED AND LOOKED LIKE THEY CAME OUT OF ANOTHER ANIME. THE FUCK?

Hi, I'm from that random show

On the more rational side, it’s likely that they’re the two people that were standing on the roof looking down on Haruka interacting with Hinata (what came out of that by the way? We still don’t know) and it seems like they’re trying to break the barrier the military has set up. Well, after they had their 10secs of screentime, they were ignored for the rest of the episode (:

Overall, nothing really happened this episode, nothing too much happened last episode either, and this week ends pretty much in a role reversal of what happened last week anyway. This show seems to like getting their plot scenes mixed up, it’s pretty pointless putting in cliffhangers if the issues aren’t addressed until a month later anyway.

I don't need a reason for putting this in

0 thoughts on “Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Ep 9: Y U NO TALK TO ME

  1. FFUUUCCCKK I hate Haruka. She’s like an annoying house wife that always has to interrupt the main romance.

    For example, Shakugan no Shana, Yoshida was given a big role as a romantic rival. She was also a stupid house-wife type character.

    Except in this story, Haruka isn’t given a huge romantic role. Because we all see that it’s pretty clear Taito is in love, or starting to be with Saitohimea.

    1. Totally agree with you there xD Both Haruka and Yoshida are “just friends” to the protagonist, except I hate Yoshida a LOT more pokes Shana S3 impression in Fall preview

      Haruka isn’t even a childhood friend to Taito, just someone that befriended him after he had his accident.

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