Tiger & Bunny Ep 10: Ouroboros' Debut

Man, Barnaby isn’t having any luck whatsoever with his investigation! He was just about the meet Jake, but then he decided to turn back to help Kotetsu and NOW looks what happens. Same goes for Kotetsu who was making the effort to return home to visit his daughter and give her a new stuff animal, which he quickly learns she dislikes. (He should’ve gotten that adorable Tiger one he saw the kid carrying earlier! T^T///) 
Tiger has also been generous to Barnaby to the point he encourage the guy to go to the prison to speak with Jake instead of returning to him to help him out. He understands enough that this is the moment Barnaby has been waiting for his entire life.
It was really calm before the storm. Everyone was given a holiday and then all the sudden Ouroborus terrorist bombings happens and the heroes are quickly overwhelmed. In fact, I liked seeing the Heroes overwhelmed, moreover seeing Tiger handle things on his own, rather really well. I grinned like an idiot when he picked up that machine-gun that had been broken off the mecha and shot at them. At least he didn’t have to worry about murdering anyone since it was all freaking Mad Bears in them.
And finally, it’s about time that damn INSANE director listens to her colleague that it would probably be best to cut the feed and that it isn’t a good idea to continue it LIVE- ONLY THEN MAVERICK POPS IN GOING, “OH HEY, DON’T DO THAT, WE NEED TO BELIEVE IN THEM, OUR BELOVED HEROES!”
Last but not least, Jake as psycho as he may be, he’s a true artist. *SHOT*


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