Tiger & Bunny Ep 14: Ominous Prelude

YAY! NEW OP! I prefer this one more than the first one!
So this was very much a filler episode, but don’t that idea get to you- there’s more to this than meets the eye. The most important part only takes place at the end of the episode. Kotetsu suddenly gets an uber power up, but at the same time, his powers ran out before his time was up. While  Kotetsu thinks he may be evolving, evolution may be one thing, but running out of time is another. Five minutes isn’t alot of time, if it continues to decrease, well… you know what that would lead to. The question would be now whether his powers continues to get stronger at the price of losing time.
The episode mainly focused on Karina’s feelings towards Kotetsu. I was super amused when her friend kept on denying whether she was in love or not. She was so blunt, it was hilarious. It’s too bad for her that Kotetsu is super dense. I can’t help but imagine that he was the one who did the confession to end up eventually getting married. Did that make sense at all?
Barnaby was super weird this episode. I swear I’m not used to this Happy-Go-Lucky attitude. It’s great he’s not on the ‘Revenge’ mindset anymore, and that he isn’t such an ass, but I do miss his tsundere personality. It’s wayyyyyy too…too…. I’m sorry but he feels SO out of character. *Shudders*
Then there’s that super creepy guy who was the Backstage Thief. I knew the minute I first saw him that he was the shaky dude from Episode 8, but HOLY SMOKES, HE’S SUCH A CREEPIER! I was like,  “Oh god no! WHY WHY WHY!? WHY IS HE IN BLUE ROSE’S OUTFIT?! WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?” He’s one hell of a super creepy fan, even worse of going as far to steal Blue Rose’s stuff.
Finally the last thing I wanted to mention:  Kotetsu  is an amazing dancer.
Yep. He’s a pro doing the robot! 8D *SHOT*
Oh and speaking of dancing, that whole collaborate performance was really weird. The rainbow colors and oh my god, I was like, “WTFFFFF!!!!” and seeing Kotetsu and Bunny doing this weird dancing pose, oh god- I couldn’t handle it. And finally I was kind of disappointed not to hear Karina sing. 🙁



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