Tiger & Bunny ep 13! ‘Because I believed you would trust me!’

We now bring you episode 13 of the Tiger & Bunny weeklong finale countdown!


Barnaby begins his fight against Jake without using his Next powers. Even though he doesn’t, he’s still getting his ass handed to him. And he desperately demands to know why it is Jake killed his parents. Meanwhile the jammers have been set up so the heroes are sent to destroy the mad bears controlling the suits. Kotetsu is badly hurt but demands to go, so Blue Rose tells him he should just think of a way to help Barnaby defeat Jake.

After Jake tells them he has two powers, Kotetsu recalls something he said and realizes he has to be the one to tell Barnaby. Blue Rose, Dragon Kid, and Fire Emblem are trying to destroy the suits (which have gone on auto mode) so he really is the only one who can do it! So Kotetsu uses his One Hundred Power to heal himself!

However he is still injured and has to ask Saito for help. Barnaby is losing however and it’s killing him, he can’t figure it out and with someone firing force field beams at him, who could blame him? So he literally begins to cry at his failure to avenge his parent’s death.

Kotetsu appears however! And tells him that Jake’s other power is…supersonic hearing…XD and gives him a bomb…that will disrupt his hearing. Luckily for us, and Barnaby, he trusts Kotetsu when he realizes what it took to bring the bomb and it turns out he just didn’t want to reveal the truth- he can read minds! And so Barnaby attacks him while the second part of the bomb blinds him! He launches Jake onto the top of the stadium and nearly strangles him to death, but then Kotetsu looks at him like this-

So he relents! And Kotetsu reveals he knew he could read minds because he never revealed his name to the public, yet Jake called him by his real name. He tells Barnaby he believed he would trust him  and…AW…TEAM WORK…YES…T_O OMG….SO..SO…CUTE…YES T_t he.dghdlfkjghfdjkghksjdhgdjsghdjkghfdlkjg YES AWESOME EPISODE AWESOME TIME FRIENDS FOREVAR TEAM MATES ONE IS DUMB ONE IS A BITCH HOORAY

Hey, I'm not dumb, says Barnaby.


However Kriem appears in the helicoptor and demands they hand over Jake since they have hostages. However it seems that our dear three heroes came through afterall!


Barnaby saves the day and defeated his parents killer, even exercising control! Everything is happy now!


But what of Lunatic? What of this guy sitting in the shadows? And will Barnaby get the answers he craved from Jake?

…and of fricking course nobody thanks kotetsu because it was just supposed to make Barnaby look cool…even though it was ALL THANKS TO KOTETSU HE WON ;__;

But Barnaby calls Kotetsu…Kotetsu! And he has obviously decided to tream him as..his partner! 😀


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