Yusei continues to face the horrors of Breo’s deck destruction strategy but manages to defeat Breo and begins his duel against Team Unicorn’s leader, Jean.

The episode was pretty exciting. The first half felt it was pretty long considering when I saw the intermission break I was surprised that wasn’t the end of the episode! The second half with Yusei VS Jean, the pace of the duel had increased dramatically. I found this really made the experience watching this more thrilling, especially since we know that Yusei’s in a dangerous pinch of only having 4 cards left, or now even less.
To be honest I actually thought, considering the dramatic increase of the pace during the second half of the episode, that the duel between Yusei and Jean was going to be concluded within this episode. I was like, “OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” when they left us on the cliffhanger of whether Yusei will be able to counter Jean’s attack (though it’s already obvious as it is that he will since he’s still dueling in the preview!!!)!
The funny part about this episode was when Breo thought that Yusei wasn’t the type to gamble. Oh but how wrong he was. We, the audience are more than aware that Yusei is quite a passionate gambler when it comes to drawing a card. He’s been doing it since season one and there’s no sign of stopping yet! Of course when he decides to gambles, that’s what throws the opponent off when they (such as Breo) suspect he would go the safest way possible rather than taking the risk.
I think what I enjoyed the most this episode was seeing Yusei hesitating and stressing out. I love his frustrated, aggressive expression because it really brings back that feeling and the little side of him that kind of disappeared a bit over time from season 1!
Finally,  we also got a little insight about how Team Unicorn came to be. Jean had described them to be err ‘not as strong’ individually and when as a team, they feel stronger as well he was the one who started it all. We also learned that Breo has an excellent memory so when he researches his opponent’s records and decks, he has it all tucked in his head and usually is able to predict the outcome of his opponent’s strategies. Without a doubt they are quite a unique team since they all have quite unique qualities that makes them strong altogether.


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