Aki VS Andore! Aki goes all out and catches Team Unicorn completely off guard by revealing Yusei’s secret plan and putting it into action.

Aki, while she may have lost did an incredible job for her first serious riding duel. She managed to deliver a good amount of damage against Andore while Jack himself had struggled. She also made a smart decision by sacrificing her own life points to bring Stardust back to the field for Yusei.
If Andore hadn’t drew Dash Pilfer I think Aki’s chance of winning would’ve boosted to 50/50. In fact while realistically it makes sense that she had lost, it’s certainly a shame because it would’ve been awesome to see her beat Andore despite the fact their duel started off with him at 2700 life points. And then she had her second chance at winning and she was SO CLOSE, that I was swearing when I saw that Battle Phrase 2 had ended. SCREW THE RULES, LET HER ATTACK DAMN IT!
I was squealing like a shipper fangirl when Aki had summoned Stardust Dragon beside her Black Rose Dragon. First of all, for some odd reason I absolutely LOVE seeing Stardust and Black Rose together on the field- I find it just absolutely beautiful, and the secondly Yusei giving Stardust to her to use and their secret plan. 😀 😀 😀 Of course I know that it probably would’ve ended up the same if Crow were still competing, but WHO CARES!!! IT MAKES ME HAPPY OKAY!?
Then there was Aki’s parents. My my, they just got another sum of redemption points! First of all, they went to the competition to support her, second Aki’s dad decided to be awesome and even though she lost he was waving “Izayoi” flag like a pro! That made me happy too and woot! This was definitely an enjoyable episode! 😀


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