Yuru Yuri Episode 10: Trip to Kyoto

I’m getting more and more unimaginative with my titles…


Kyouko, Yui, Chitose and Ayano go on a school trip to Kyoto, along with the rest of the 2nd years.


Well, instead of only Akari and Chinatsu, two side-characters (Himawari and Sakurako) were booted out at the start as well, presumably since this episode focused on the second-years only, so obviously getting rid of all the first-years is pretty logical. Well, four of the second-years anyway. I THINK Matsumoto Rise might have been there, you’re free to rewatch and look out for her, but she just doesn’t have much presence since the producers wanted it that way at all. Unsurprisingly, Kyouko acted like a hyperactive nutcase the whole way through, only stopping for a bit while she was burnt out at the hotel, then quickly continued. She definitely makes the series entertaining, and is probably one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy Yuru Yuri every week. References to other anime are always nice. I didn’t miss the Tiger and Bunny parody at all (even though I don’t watch T&B) as it became Lion and Rabbit, which might have been a bit too obvious xD

The yuri love points were on a high in this trip, not only does Ayano get to sleep in the same room as Kyouko, but she gets fed by her at the Kissuiso hotel as well! Kyouko still seems oblivious (or maybe she’s just hiding it) but she still touches Ayano up and messes around with her in the outdoor bath, indicating that she might just be more lesbian than she thinks she is. Dodgy pillow fights don’t help her case at all xD With the lesbianism comes the Ikeda twins, and it has been revealed that Chitose can now bleed from HER EYES like Uchiha Sasuke loves to do so much. Yay.

By the way, any of you that watched Lotte no Omocha last season will remember that there were a lot of innuendos in the scenery and backgrounds and whatnot. Considering that was an ecchi/loli and this is a yuri/comedy, was it just me or was there a subtle innuendo in the way Kyouko piled her rice? It’s just me…right?

All in all, it was a regular school trip that you’d expect from a slice-of-life/comedy such as Yuru Yuri, though there were a few decent gags scattered throughout, one of them being Kyouko’s present of half a wooden sword for both Akari and Chinatsu xD For me, this week was kinda disappointing, but I somehow enjoyed it more than the previous two weeks nevertheless.

Because a broken wooden stick is everyone's dream present

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  1. There is pretty much nothing to say about this episode…
    If Matsumoto Rise was really there I would probably try to find her XD

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