Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Ep 3: Laying on the Sena Fanservice

Okay! So, as I’ve been away this week (I still am actually) it’s been tough finding any anime at all, so when I randomly found BokuTomo Ep 3 unsubbed, I thought: hey, why not try covering a raw?


After Sena reveals that she in fact plays eroge, she requests Kodaka to teach her how to swim. Later, Kodaka reminisces about his time with a childhood friend, but Yozora reacts strangely to him.


Sena takes her galge addiction to the next level, with eroge! Complete with a Sacred Blacksmith parody and all. I may be drawing parallels to Kirino here, but Sena’s version of “art” is that what they said? compared to Yozora’s was completely different, and all you Senafags out there probably had a field day listening to her read out a sex scene from an eroge xD What was worrying though was that Sena wasn’t interested in Lucas, but instead Cecelia, which was quite dodgy.

You’d think she knew how to swim as well, but I guess ojou-sama’s only own their Olympic sized pools, and never use them xD Or it may have been an excuse to go to the pool with just Kodaka, seeing as she picked up the sport suspiciously quickly. We also learn that Kodaka and Sena’s dads knew each other when they were young, which is another brownie point ahead for Sena ahead of the other haremettes. Kodaka indirectly calling Sena “meat” had her ACTUALLY respond – she doesn’t seem to mind it too much, on the grounds that it’s her first nickname.

So we’re introduced properly to Kodaka’s imouto, Kobato! Apart from her otaku obsession that screams Kuroneko (HanaKana and all) her second appearance in this Ep had me nearly scream: NAKED SCREAMING LOLI!!! Okay I’ve calmed down now. Anyway, she basically appears cosplayed as an anime character and acts all tough drinking “blood”, but in reality, she’s similar to many other imoutos in the sense that she goes crying to her An-chan wearing completely nothing when things go wrong. Kodaka you lucky bastard.

Finally, there was mass foreshadowing about Kodaka’s one childhood friend that he made. The light novel didn’t hint at anything until recently, but since Yozora reacted suspiciously to Kodaka repeating a phrase only known between himself and his friend, there are already vibes to exactly who that friend was. cough

Wow covering a raw wasn’t too bad after all.

0 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Ep 3: Laying on the Sena Fanservice

  1. This episode was hilarious XD
    I loved how Sena was reading the dialogue out loud 😀 Sacred Sword XD
    An interesting loli we find in this episode ^^

    1. Yeah the Sacred Sword bit was slightly disturbing, but being able to listen to Ohana’s seiyuu reading eroge is never a bad thing xD

      Kobato isn’t the only interesting loli, there are two others that I think will turn up next week from the preview they gave us. Or rather, tomorrow.

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