Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 episode 3: A cute Love Triangle

This week we follow the love triangle between Yoshino, Hatori and Yuu.

That episode was quite hilarious, it was not the disappointment I was expecting. Yoshino is dense, but just enough to make things interesting. He has no clue of what is going on around him, but he does get it when things starts to get really really obvious.


the only thing these guys do is to be lazy, work a lot at the last minute and get sick, every single time

It was so cute when Yoshino burst into a huge rant to Hatori, Yoshino is usually so reserved and nervous around people, he rarely says what is on his mind, so it was really sweet when he simply let everything he had on his mind out in one long rant. If I was Hatori I would have kissed him the same way he did if it were to happen to me. Their relationship might not be perfect, but as long as they love each other, everything else is secondary.


He sure is cute when he is angry

It doesn’t matter that Yoshino is not sure how much he loves Hatori, all he knows is that he is comfortable around him. In the end, if there is someone in your love that you cannot imagine living without, it is a good indication that maybe you love him. There is always that one person that your life is built around, that one person that you cannot imagine spending a month without, the person who is always there when you are in trouble, that friend that is always ready to sacrifice is well-being for you. In the end, maybe is he more than just a friend for you and you simply have never realized it?


They make a perfect couple even if their communication is a little restricted

In the episode Yuu is trying really hard to win Yoshino, he is obviously in love, but he is so cocky. I don’t like the way he tries to steal Yoshino from Hatori, his love is so selfish. When you really love someone, of course you want that person always near you, but you don’t want to make that person life miserable or complicated because of that. If you are really in love with someone you won’t try to hurt the person you wish to spend your life with. Yuu is just a cocky bastard, I’m glad Yoshino is with Hatori and not with Yuu, even if Yoshino’s life might be more fun and exciting with Yuu, it would never be true and honest love.


I don't like Yuu, he can die in a fire

Hatori is so cute in his own way too, while he never tell anything to Yoshino and tries to protect him maybe a little too much, he is always jealous and he always wants the best for Yoshino. Hatori is so insecure for a grown-up man who oversees Yoshino, even if he is so strong in his professional life, he is so unexperienced and fragile when he comes to love. Jealousy is a beautiful thing, it is a huge proof of love, while it is painful for the one who is jealous and it can get the relationship in trouble, it is just showing the insecurity of the lover and his need to be reassured and retold everyday that his soul mates still loves him and only him.


I was surprised that I liked this episode even if it was not involving Takano and Ritsu, but I won’t complain about that. The second season of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi is starting much better than the last season ended.


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