Shakugan no Shana III Ep 3: Memories

Yuuji returns to his hometown and wanders about, reminicing his experiences and encounters. In the mean time, the others prep as they realize how dangerous the threat it, and who it is.

This episode turned out to be more of a recap since Yuuji was talking about his memories and experiences from the  past two seasons and how he changed over time to accept certain things. After the half way point when Yuuji apologized to his mother (not directly of course) for not being able to be by her side, that’s when it really started getting sad. By the end of the episode when he and Shana had reunited, but where they are standing symbolizes the two different sides they are on. Yuuji, be it he has an ulterior motive or not, he’s under control of the Sairei no Hebi, leader of the Bal Masqué.
I’m actually glad that Tanaka decided to man up and confront Margery to report her Saitou’s warning about a Crimson Denizen in their town. Then we got Yoshida stepping up as well to work with Tanaka.
With that said, there’s really nothing more to talk about this episode. Next week there’ll be the action I was sort of expecting to see this week.


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