Deadman Wonderland OVA: Crow’s Past


Two years after the initial attack by Wretched Egg, Kiyomasa Senji works as a policeman, capturing criminals with the use of Crow Claw. One day, a gang called Goreless Peace massacres an impromptu care home for orphans, including their carer, which Senji harboured feelings for. In a rage, Senji sets out to kill the whole gang.


Coming to think of it, they never did elaborate on Senji’s past, right? As well as what got him into Deadman Wonderland in the first place. Though they don’t show that here either, I’m starting to think he was framed for whatever crime he committed, since, like Ganta, he seems to be a good person at heart. Unlike Minatsuki. Don’t worry, I’ll still love you Minatsuki-chan.

So Senji was a policeman before going into DW, and while liked by the children at the orphanage, to criminals he was the “red knife user”. Yeah, I can kinda see why he renamed his Branch of Sin “Crow Claw”. Surprisingly, no-one freaked out at a huge blade of blood protruding from flesh like something out of X-Men, except it wasn’t made out of adamantium but I guess nothing really fazes the inhabitants of that place anymore, now that the Tokyo Earthquake has happened and so many people were killed.

Ha. Goreless Peace. You know what? HOW IRONIC. It’s just a street gang that want power, and for their leader to get power its not going to be a goreless, or peaceful road. And yes, I know this show has really twisted characters like Tamaki, but seriously? Burning down an impromptu orphanage and killing not only the carer, whom Senji had a crush on, but THE CHILDREN? Yes, I have a strong stomach, but little kids and gore don’t really sit well with me. Luckily we only saw a flashback of the building burning down.

Senji would have made quick work of them, except the leader turns out to be a Branch of Sin user too. And from his surprise, I doubt Senji’s met many others yet, especially since it’s only been two years since the earthquake. The leader uses something called Wire Lyre, which is basically a spider’s thread made out of blood, and the gang’s logo of a red spider is probably in homage of that. And while similar to Minatsuki’s Whip Wing, it inflicts shallow cuts, a lot of hits in a short amount of time will HURT.

All tied up...

Except Senji doesn’t use the shounen headbutt thing, instead he pulls out this BADASS HUGE BLADE and nearly kills the leader, before his policeman senpai stops him. Hmm, why didn’t he use this in his fight against Ganta, or against the Undertakers? Or maybe this might have been an earlier version of his Invisible Black move, which he eventually condensed into speed. I dunno. Another thing I didn’t get – why did the old guy not die after getting squeezed to death from Wire Lyre? We saw the blood and all, but suddenly he was alive again o.O

Now this was really cool.

Obviously Senji didn’t kill anyone, and it wasn’t actually him at fault, so this wasn’t the thing that caused him to end up in Deadman Wonderland. He’s a good guy, he really is, but DW really twists everyone who ends up there (except Ganta) and it’s nice to know a bit about his past and what he was doing before he got chucked into prison. From the ED of the show, a lot of people like Karako and Makina, as well as many manga-only characters had proper working jobs before the earthquake, meaning it was cheery Shiro and her alternate personality that messed up so many people’s lives. She should really think about it a bit more before eating all that sweet bean bread.

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